Active Harris players wanted


Whisperers in Harris are looking for 2-3 active players to help us keep up with our new competition in a revitalized region. Whisperers are a reasonably competitive group with a fun loving, experienced and hard-working core, and without any pressure to spend. Most former and current players describe the faction as being like family, and we are looking for people who would like to play in this kind of environment. If interested, contact Frowny Mc2knives ingame. Born2fsh on Kik, or message me here.


Not a Whisperers player but I can guarantee to interested players that they’re a good and well-run faction with strong players. Harris got quite a lot of new players recently and we sure are happy to see our long-time factions stay active.


Appreciate the kind words, and the bump. Seems like we picked up mostly factions or 3/4 full factions in Harris. Hopefully we can find some loose players as well. I’d hate to see these 3/4 full factions that joined break up because they can’t war properly


Just merger pretty easy answer


We are a 2+ year old faction looking for a member or 2, so most merges are probably not going to be an enticing option for us. As far as the new factions, that’s their business, and seems likely for a couple, unless some more single players come to the region


I’m seeing how my region goes 1st if ship sinks odds are I’ll be joining you all 1 of the factions from my region went there


Is there a faction called lock and load in Harris?


Yes, I think they must have just arrived today. Name wasn’t familiar so I checked the board


Lock and Load was my old faction really good people there. I fought Harris in the last Crw and can say that they are great people with good activity. I would consider Harris if your thinking of transfering somewhere.