Active FTP mostly regions

Howdi. Looking at moving regions again just havent found a good balance in regions yet to be happyish. Can people give region suggestions to a more FTP and not so much one with whales factions. Cheers n thx

A F2P region? No.

If there is one, whales will find it and swarm it.


Yeah dont need a complete FTP as i have a rather decent roster just sucks having 5 whales factions in a region so to speak

The trick to beating whales is You can’t

you just need to get skills going by a few kidding dont need skill need decap def down and kate…

bet your dead by time you end your first fight.

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You made a spelling error, therefor you are wrong


If you change regions the whales will still follow you and steal your lunch money.

If you don’t change regions the whales will move in and steal your lunch money.

their is only one place you can go that they will not follow…

A public bathroom?

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So explain plese how you beat team like:
Lydia lead

Plese explain how you can beat this team without decap,dissarm deff down kate and gold mods…

It’s simple, just uninstall the game and…that’s it, you won.


I am using one lol… def down buff up alpha pop turn 3… pick off whats left

not hard… other side not having towers helps too…

usually works

would like def down melee but cant find one

Against lydia, jesus n magna

There is no such thing all the regions suck

Duane, Javier

So I’m guessing ur in the 6th rank faction?


Five star Victor, five star carson…

die to fast…

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