Action for SC Andrea issues (Poll)

  • Roll Back Everything and Announce new Starting Day
  • Let everyone Benefits with the so called Error at Once whoever have or will subscribe.
  • Free Max 6stars SC Andrea to everyone than fix stuffs for the next toon

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Scopely. Either one. No other choice for you guys.

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Scopely check the results

It won’t really cost you much

Yet will have your reputation regained and a great promotion

Treat it as part of Christmas gift


They are going to roll back
And then it will take 2 years to tier 4 the 5 star uggh

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i’d like a free andrea. I mean they should’ve made sure everything was set at very least do away with the comics, and do it next time

Roll back you nubbys

We’d be fine with a rollback or I would but we won’t get that we’ll get a half hearted fumbled attempt at a rollback

I was looking at offers…that one looks good…oh yeah…andreagate…no money for you!

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