Accountability time

@GR.Scopely, @JB.Scopely, @TayTron

When is it time for scopley to take accountability for all these screw ups? People send money and a lot of time, which is more valuable then money in my opinion.

People choose to play your game. And yet at every opportunity you continue to screw them over by letting a select random few benefit from your mistakes.

Would it really affect the bottom line to let everyone take advantage of an issue YOUR company created? The answer is no.

Spenders will continue to spend and players will continue to invest precious time into your game.

Compensation needs to be fair and quickly delivered. People are getting tired of all the mistakes.


Hahahahahahahahahahahaha inb4 scopely tells you only 200 people got him and they had their grenades and smelling salts removed

less than 2% of the player base got one. it didnt affect you in any way. get over it

If you say so.

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