Account taken over by hacker

Went to sleep on the 13th of November woke up to a low level account try to linking back my Facebook never got back my account but the peroan who have my account is trying to sell my account as we speak. Went to support they dont want to return my main account because both accounts location are different with make sense someone else has taken it over and they seem to not understand that like am talking to bots


Welcome to my world. Frustrating ain’t it?

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Gave them all my information to show it’s my account but still deny to return my main account because of different in locations

Yes very much so

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Exactly. Been dealing with this since the 12th myself. Went to sleep, woke up to this crap. Scopely did help me twice, but the hacker took it my account back just as fast. Now Scopely is giving this same response. Just trying to get in contact with a supervisor or someone above these support guys’ pay grade.

Your hacker works fast. Don’t know what mine is planning. Changed the name of the account , but hasn’t been chatty.

And support is not helping at all

After I send them so much proof that’s it’s my account all they are going off of Is that the account locations are different

Again, I feel your frustation

I spend alot on that account I pay for 30 days pass and membership every month

I doubt support will get your account back sorry pal

Just be sure to change your FB password from a computer. Keep trying to contact someone who can and is willing to help. And if you get lucky, and get it transferred back and linked, just make sure you get on the computer and change the password to FB again right away. I didn’t and I think that’s how how took it back twice in my case

I need to talk to someone who is paying these bots we talk to everyday and get no results

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If I get it back I know who ever have it cant get it back cause I activated two factor verification on fb

I have the same security set up. Didn’t protect my account.

This is bullshit really that you cant get help for these problems