Account suspension

Just seen a bunch of people with random account suspensions. Anyone hear of this?

Its not so random. Scopely has a chat filter, people can report people for language, harassment etc…a human reviews & initiates a suspension based on reports. This includes anything said in gc, fc &/or private messages sent.

Yeah seems fishy

How did you see them if they’re suspended? :joy:

Perhaps the usual bän hammer due of cheating or breaking the ToS?

People are posting SS of account suspensions… not bans… 2-3 day suspensions.


A lot of people got them all at once.

If it is for 2-3 days then this suspension is not their first time me thinks. Have not heard anything about this but yes, who knows what’s going on.

A lot of ppl at 1 time sounds like someone just pushed a button to me

Happened to me at the same time as dozens of people I guess and I have spoken in gc FC or sent messages in game in days…

What that means is they are not really getting reviewed


Figures account suspensions right before war.

There is one region where a certain faction reports ppl they don’t like right before war to get them suspended. 2 even switched names to see. The other person got suspended instead before last war. It’s not scopely it’s ppl doing it to be jerks.

Yea they cant be smh…

I’m sure there’s a technical reason like coding why it happens cut scopely some slack geez

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So far ive seen people who bought toons from other sources are getting banned. Ggs


Yeah my account was suspended and i’m not even in GC

What about people who dont really talk in messages, GC, or FC?

This is crazy. Hopefully they can work on a better system then just people pushing a ban button.

Maybe if everyone was respectful to the people around you then you wouldn’t of been suspended