Account stolen, Tough luck


So the leader of a #1 faction moved his account from his Tablet to his iPhone, and when he logged into it, they dumped him into some random low level account. He immediately contacted customer support about the migration issue, and was forced into the waiting game for this crack team to help him.

Meanwhile, his account was dropped onto some random A-holes device, who decided to take this newfound account, use his transfer key to transfer regions, use up his resources, spend his coins, spend his league points, and devastate his account.

Now, customer service finally gets around to giving him his account back, with the wreckage in tact, but leaves him in the new region, with no coins, and no transfer key, and tells him “sorry, we can’t help you further, maybe you should be more careful with your account security.”

Are you f*ing kidding me? YOUR STUPID SYSTEM LOST HIS ACCOUNT!!! He didn’t let someone take it. He didn’t unlink it from his Facebook. He did NOTHING wrong, and you tell him TOUGH LUCK.

He is the leader of a faction that is primarily Prestige 13 players. He is exactly the target audience player you want. And you are blaming him for YOUR mistakes. He reached out in game, on forums, on line. He tried everything to get this fixed before this asshat ruined his game. You dragged your feet, and now you leave a great player to feel like he’s wasted a ton of time and money on your product.

Scopely, your lack of concern for your players is astounding.


@JB.Scopely this needs to get sorted. Complete bs if this is what we can expect if this happens to us.


it needs to be escalated away from ingame support. Too many times they give replies that contradict each other. they also say they can’t revert an account back 24 hours when they have done that to me due to a beta issue giving coins out. This was during an event that i was doing well in also so i lost all my milestones, all my resources … but to say someone can take hostage of any one of our accounts and do whatever they want and it can’t be fixed is ludicrous


Support takes ages to respond and when they respond 98% of the time its completely unhelpful to the problem you are asking for help with. Ive been trying to get my rep issue fixed for a month. I have a friend who lost his account and another who got his account back after a week during which time he missed war and his placement in seeding was negatively affected as he was unable to log in for a large chunk of the seeding time frame. Its completely unacceptable how difficult it is to actually get help. I shouldn’t have to spend a month spamming forum, jb on line, and support asking for a fix that i still havent gotten! The system needs to be changed, especially for high priority issues like losing an account there should be a system so those can be answered and dealt with immediately.


the game needs more security for sure

i dont see why we cant use email and passwords either

i mean we are talking about a game where you have people 3 years in who play everyday and others who could spend money from £5-£25,000 and have all their credit card info on as well


support is so slow. By the time they get around to doing anything, the damage has been done. Support needs to revert the player back to the original state. @JB.Scopely can you escalate this on your end?


Happened to a faction mate of mine. They basically said there was no proof he didn’t do it himself and support would not rollback the account. He was a three year player and pres 13. It’s dumbfounding why they would turn money away like this for a simple rollback. I wish you luck. Let me know if you get it done so I can tell my mate who lost an amazing account.


JB Is typing.

I’m excited.


We’re talking about Freeze here, right?

If so, you’d be pleased that we are now talking and I’ll try my best to get him back on track!


ouch… straight to the heart


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This kinda sounds not possible but ok


Also to be fair all this game does is waste time and money … so he should of already been feeling like that :joy:


Well, You’re to blame, you give this forum a bad name.


Tell him to quit buying stuff off the vk site … it’s never good to share your login details


lol Somebody took over my count and spent coins on the surprise box last night I need a rollback hahahaha


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I constantly swap between playing on tablet and phone. Keep both locked with pin. How can an account be stolen? I’m asking so that I don’t do the same ‘mistake’. Not trying to troll, just genuinely asking.