Account stolen support can’t do anything?!?!


Long time player here. This previous Sunday I went to log into my game and found out someone else had taken control of my account and switched it to some unknown region. I am left with a level 1 account in Saluda region. I don’t have my account code and seems like Scopely support just gave up after one hour of trying. They keep asking what was faction am I in and I keep telling them my account was taken out of Bullock region and brought somewhere else. I don’t know what else to do i don’t want to just chalk it up as a loss and move on. I would rather quit on my own terms than have someone else steal it away from me. If there is anything else I can do I would greatly appreciate some input. Thanks all!


did you use a emulator program


Nope. I just play on my iPhone.


are there receipts of purchases you can show to support


Yes I did. I’ve shown them about 4 or 5 receipts from my purchases made through my ITunes account. They just keep telling me they need my account code which foolishly I never kept a SS Of.


i am sorry to hear that but maybe just keep sending a message to support is what i would do or maybe try to send a message to jb scopely or gr scopely or ladygeek maybe for help


I also had my account hacked and stolen on Friday, I’ve sent receipts linking me to the account dating back to 2016, I sent the ss of the unknown login on my FB the day the acct disappeared, pics of the regions I was in linked to my acct and every region I ever transferred to in order. The person that has it left my faction and then transfered it out of the region. I’ve been dealing with support since and after days days I still get same messages asking for receipts. I just get told there’s a location discrepancy and they need receipts WHICH I HAVE. How is it possible this person can steal my account and not have to prove anything… It’s an absolute joke is what it is. Your support sucks


Same situation. It’s frustrating because every answer is from a different member of the support team and they all ask for the same stuff. I have provided EVERYTHING that was asked except my account code. I even included my Facebook SS where my account was logged into and taken away. I just keep getting the same answer from support and it’s been the same things I’ve been providing since Sunday.


Maybe contact Apple and get their help verifying who you are? They can help tracing credit cards you used and so on and so forth to convince support.

Not that it should be necessary since you via purchase history in App Store can document that.

Maybe someone from Scopley can help you here? @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

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Same happened to me. Please Please Please help me!


You’re doomed!

But i hope you somehow get it back intact soon.


lady geek is a good help and i appreciate her cleaning up the negativity have a good day


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