Account Recovery. Please Help


Hi! first of all, I would like to apologize for my bad english…A couple months ago my phone broke (it broke twice in two months) and now that i got it back i would like to recover my account. Unfortunately i didnt have my account linked to facebook because i thought that the game progress was linked to my google acount…I sent two emails to the scopely support but i always get the same automatic response where they ask for receipts but i didnt spent any money on this game and i dont remember my account code either… what should i do?



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Nobody? Please i wouldnt like to lose all my progress, i’ve been playing this game for 2 years everyday…


If you linked with facebook youd never have this problem other than that you need proof of a purchase which makes no sense cause idk how youd prove that


If i had known about the facebook thing earlier then of course i would have linked my account to it.

Well, i had a good run…

Thanks anyways


Heres the responce I got from support on the game ive been trying since the 14th of last month to get mine back.

Hi there,

Thanks for your response. I understand that you want to recover your game progress.

If you haven’t linked your account to Facebook, the only way to recover your game progress is by doing a manual account transfer, which required a screenshot of the receipt from any purchase you have made in the game. Without the receipt, I’m afraid that we are unable to proceed with the account transfer.

Please note that the screenshot of the purchase receipt is required for a proper account validation, and for security reasons and purposes.

Once we have that information, we are more than happy to help you further.

Looking forward hearing from you


Scopely Support Team


so, no facebook and no receipts = game progress gone…ok…thanks scopely…:unamused:

ps: thanks Free2play4life for your help


Dont give up. Just keep hope alive and maybe you will be lucky enough to find someone from Scopley support willing to do the right thing.
Also your very welcome.


its a good time ti quit this game :slight_smile: