Account recovery Csm elmore region

Pls help , cant acces my old profile from new phone…ive lost my old phone…pl,i like the game very much

unless you’ve the account ID saved somewhere (i.e. opened a support ticket from the web page) or linked to your Facebook profile, I’m sorry for you, but your account is gone…

Thx …so its gone cause i didnt save anywhere the account nr. Thought linqing it to fb doesnt need anything else…thank You again for replying

If you did link to Facebook, then you just need to complete the tutorial on your new phone. Once completed it will let you link your account to your new phone

It doesnt…passed the tutorial,sync account,confirmed and it doesnt give me my old profile


And i have chamge devices befro with no problem

if you have any in-app purchase receipts from the game. support will gladly give you account back. You must supply those in screenshots to give to support.

I havent bought snything…just supported the game by playng it and watching comercials😔

Yeah thats probably not going to cut it.

It looks to me there you’re signed up as google play account, as you’ve the account linked to Fb, can you try the “sign out” there and see if “link account” on the right becomes available, so you can link the account via FB ?

Are you sure it’s the same facebook account?

Not only that but if he changed platforms (Apple to Android or vice versa) that will lock it out.
Goes like this:
Create and account on Apple phone, if the first time you move it is to another Apple platform device then it will be Apple locked and never transfer to and Android platform without help from Support.
If your first move is from Apple platform to an Android platform, you can move freely to any device without needing help

Note: this works regarding Android starting to Apple

That screenshot shows it is linked to a FB account, the grayed out icon represents this. You needed to link your account on your old phone when you had access to it.

I mean, requiring facebook to play this game is beyond stupid really.

Yes…i have only one

I have today but it linq to the account level 4 after downloading

Dont know it😣 i know the level , others info about it plus i have my faction that can Back me up

You said you successfully transfered it between devices before. Do you still have access to one of those other devices?

I have to an older phone but when i linq it uploads the profile level 4 or a new game