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Did somebody who lost the access on your own account ever got sucess and help from support in order to restore?
Well, I sadly lost mine today and after a entire day of gameplay lost and zero response from support after giving proper info like account code, name and a small offer receipt, I’m starting to lose my hope about it. Just like a lot of you guys I was unsatisfied with last decisions from Scopely, but the game still a good option of fun for me. I know it’s only some pixels and it’s not even close to be a big problem, but losing my 2 years hard farmed account like this is “killing” me.


Sorry to hear, hopefully if you’ve been able to give them everything they need they’ll be able to restore it for you.

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Well I lost mine 6 months ago and support being as supportive as they are kept stalling me and marked my issue as “resolved”.
I haven’t played since but I hope you get your account back . All the best.

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It can take up to 24 hours before they reply. I wouldn’t give up yet :blush:

If you have provided them with the relevant info as it seems you have, they are usually able to help you recover it. Providing there isn’t another issue also.


How did you lose access to your account, broken phone or?

Switching device. Should work fine on the new phone since I have login with Facebook since day 1, but for some reason the access was lost.


I have done this multiple times and always got my account back fairly quickly (24 hours ish) if not reach out to DZ on discord

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It’s also the weekend, so there may not be anyone at HQ who can sort this at the moment, Hang tight @Walishow I hope they will get it sorted for you .

But perhaps maybe the the big dog @TayTron might be able to have a look at this as well, if you are having no luck with customer support.

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It should still be on your second phone unless it was wiped then it clears everything even links to Facebook which happened to me with other games that’s why I keep my old phones.

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Within my old faction, 3 guys recovered their accounts. Took between 2 - 20 days. The slowest was because of missing receipts.

In my new fac, two guys lost access - the big spender got it back in a day, the small spender in 3-4. Workdays might really matter here tho!

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I just got my account access back right now after support response. Thank you guys for all the good spirit comments :hugs::hugs:.
Also thank you Scopes for doing your work, hope you enjoyed the 5 stars rate on your support service :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Fortunately I used a random 3 bucks offer receipt from months ago and maybe worked lol

Very glad to hear that! I know the wait is scary and frustrating but usually all it takes is a little patience :blush::blush:

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Yay! Glad you got your game back

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