Account Problems


Hi guys,

I have messaged everyone under the sun and I don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Please don’t hate with this message, it’s sincere and I am close to giving up with this.

On 26th I pulled for Erika and on 27th I pulled for Madison, got both toons, admittedly it took me around £500 ($700) to get both but I was able to obtain many other epics as you would expect. Before I done my final 40 pull for Madison, I had messaged Scopely support to explain I had done done a 40 pull and did not have an epic within that particular 40 pull. I however kept on pulling for Madison. After finally getting her I sent her straight on to the Scav mission ‘you got lucky’.

About 10 minutes after pulling my Madison I noticed the museum collection that I had just completed for the turkeys etc had re-appeared which I thought was strange. Then I noticed my coins had increased and also the Scav mission had stopped.

I went to restart my Scav but couldn’t access my roster. Then went to try get into my roster through the usual way and everytime I clicked on it the game froze and closed. This was the same with raids, SR, Territories, world map or road maps. Anything at all which used my roster. I did however find a work around so I could atleast view my roster even if I couldn’t use it.

To my amazement, a few of the toons I had just pulled were gone from my roster.

If that wasn’t strange enough, the Zeki that had disappeared, he had left his weapon behind, but decided to leave it to Morgan as per above:

So as you would expect, I messaged support and they replied with info about the 40 pull I didn’t get only. No mention of anything else. I replied again trying to keep my cool, asking them to read my message properly, a second reply 24 hours later, 48 hours my initial query, with a link and more info on the 1 epic per 40 pull rule.

I have messaged them again this morning demanding this is esculated. I have also emailed both the CEO and CSO. I have a PM going with Kalishane who to be fair is trying though I appreciate that there isn’t a great deal she can do.

It goes without saying I have reinstalled the game and also tried to open my account on a second device and I have the exact same issues. However, the other device works fine when it comes to any other account.

This is a personal issue yes, but it underlines the huge issue with customer support more than ever. Responses for this have come from Gerard and Alvin.

I sincerely hope this is resolved without the need of legal proceedings. I would also like to note that as of yet, I have not approached google regarding a refund, though this will change very quickly if this isn’t resolved before the weekends CRW. I also expect to be compensated for the prizes I have missed out, the gear I have missed out from the roadmaps, the final Dwight parts I couldn’t collect.

Mitchell (EN)

Please see Video of my account below:


Really hope the matter is resolved soon buddy!!


Sounds like you’re doing everything you can, can’t offer any suggestions but wish you luck


Hope you get this sorted out.


Looks like you got hit with the ‘rollback’ bug mate. That’s really tough though. Even if you pulled them, then your game had roll backed, it SHOULD still be in their logs that you pulled those toons, and how much you spent.
I wish you luck mate :slight_smile:


First I’ve heard of this bug, but by what it’s called it sounds spot on.
Thanks though for the information!


Thanks everyone else for your messages too.


@kalishane please help him or st least provide some kind of answer or status update. With CRW coming up he needs his account in working order. This is the first I have heard of this issue, but it sounds like a programming error. Please let us know something ASAP


Matt, hope you get this sorted out mate. Just awful customer service as usual.
I updated on android yesterday, and of course the iOS upgrade is incompatible…so no war on my iPad this weekend.
Scopely please get this together and take care of your customers!!


I had a minor version of this bug a week or so back. Collected my YGL, started a 2 hour prestige mission and closed game. Opened it again and found my YGL still running with 35 minutes or so (I had skipped it beforehand) so I skipped it again and the mission I had sent out before closing was gone.

Luckily, I lost nothing, where as you did.


@CombatMan @CombatDevIl @Agrajag please help this guy. He pulled two 6s, which are now gone. Surely you will have lots of this, as Support clearly thinks he’s lying.


Its always 1 disappointment after another with this game, especially lately. Cant blame people for quitting when theyre constantly let down. When people spend $ on something, they generally want what they paid for. That’s why I quit spending on anything but war. Soon there wont even be a game left if they cant take care of their players. Hope they enjoy the unemployment line.


i would have gone for refund since this won’t get resolved soon like the rest of problems people had.


Thanks again guys. Much appreciated for your support.


This situation is absolutely unacceptable!!! Here we have a top player in a top faction in whats considered a high activity region and he is being totally ignored and told nothing is wrong!!! Scoply get it together and fix his account!!! They need to hire a new support company as the current one is absolutely absurd. To be told his account is fine when he cant play and ignored for days at a time is horrible customer interaction. I hope they fix this before we lose yet another player that would change the game for the worse for our entire region!!!


I had a similar problem just over a year ago. It took about 2 months to resolve. The first 6 weeks of that was spent stuck with the lowest tier of customer support and was painful. Slow cut and paste responses which didn’t relate to my specific problem. Once I got to a tech though (coincidently just after i’d opened cases for refunds?!), it was resolved quickly. One of the things you might get told is that it is not possible to re-add all these toons to your roster. It is, they did it for me, so don’t let them fob you off with that.


Thanks a lot for that mate. Much appreciated. Hoping now this forum has been set up it will be great for things like this. It’s getting the right people’s attention. Support has been diabolical.


That’s up to CS to deal with. If you look elsewhere on the forums, though, there’s an explanation of why within a 40 pull you can not receive an epic.


I was specifically commenting on his comment that within a 40 pull he didn’t receive an Epic


I’ve had a response from the CEO, Walter Driver, who has passed this to CS, so hopefully this will now be resolved. Fingers Crossed.