Account problem

Hello, guys! I’ve recently brought a new phone, so how can I move my account to that new phone? It’s unliked and I am not conected with Magazin play or something, any ideas?

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What is that?

do you have your old phone?

It’s the search feature of the forum. You are new to this here?

If you have your old phone make a Facebook account and link it and then login with fb on your new phone and you’ll get it. If you don’t want to do that message support saying you want to transfer your account and send the following info

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call facebook and then just throw your phone in the trash

Hey Kookland, this is no way to talk to a new person on forums, we are a civilized community, no need for unprovoked hate speech and personal attacks. Be civil friend and kind to others, spread peace and not hatred :smiley:

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