Account misdirected on update

This isn’t for me, but a fac mate who isnt on the forums and currently at work.

He was on his account last night and logged off. This morning he had to update (May or may not have been in Beta and is still in the Beta update pool). After updating, he then found out when he logged on that he was on a different (and worse) account than his own.

@kalishane @CombatDevIl who should i have him pm or contact to establish reconnection to his own account? He is linked to fb but when he tried to reestablish that connection it still connected him to the acct hes on now.

Edit: CS actually worked quickly based on his responses and linked him back in. I recommend everyone copy their Account code in a SS, file receipts so CS can see a SS of one if ever needed, and pray that this never happens to them.

This is a case for CS.

I have ss of his teams and weps because we had literally been going over it yesterday for next war. so no chance they can say he dont have em.

ty. i will direct him there. any chance yall can see what causes this?

I don’t :(, I don’t have access to players saves.

This exact same thing happened to me after I downloaded the latest beta update then switched devices. Upon switching, it is not longer my saved game.

This is apparently an uncommon but not rare issue…everyone knows someone who its happened to whether or not they realize it apparently

Nonetheless, I brought it to our attention here, too. But for now, CS is the best option to go.

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Thank you. Its just frustrating to see a guy whos so close to quittinf due to bad rng with earl, events, and ygls get this kind of hammering esp when its our coleader

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There was a bug with some Facebook accounts between iOS and Android devices where the same account could be linked to both devices, preventing being able to swap back and forth between the devices. 9.2 had a fix to resolve the cause of this issue. What I expect the case is in this scenario that users are now getting swapped to the account associated with the other device. Please contact CS to get this dealt with.

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Thank you. Im unsure of what hes using aside from bluestacks on occasion (Which had its own security issue detailed a while back actually if i recall. Outside of game) but ive got him linked in to here to read everything and we have him with CS now.

This exact same thing happened to me after I installed the latest update. I’ve only ever played on android devices. I’m currently working with CS to get my correct account re-linked. Just as a test, I have a secondary account on a completely different android device that I play F2P. I updated the game on another different android device and went to link that account on it, boom that account is now linked to the beginner account on that device instead of bringing over my save. Coincidence?

I have contacted ustomer support 2 responses in 27 hours. Each time asking for a receipt of purchase. Provided that. Then was told they need my account code provided the. Now nothing since 130 yesterday. This cost me getting top ten in sr tournament. I can only do it while at home. How will that be fixed.

It wont. They dont apologize or compensate for erratic issues that are commonplace.

Ya, we’re aware of an unintended side effect of that fix which caused the issue you’re experiencing, though it’s ultimately the same problem. The fix has been reverted for the next Beta update to go out so that a fix that doesn’t cause other issues can be made.

Thank you for the update: Another update from CS side, my buddy who did have his acct restored to his phone was still able to log in via his computer. When CS swapped his acct back they linked his facebook to the account that isnt his and left his actual account without a linked profile.

Thats why we ask yall first. CS kinda pissed him off royally with that one.

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Ok well I’m glad you know there is a problem. But what now I got screwed over in the tournament. I’m not f2p I really like the game but I can’t get back the gold nuggets that I missed out on cuz of this mishap. Also when will the next update come out to correct it.

And when will the next Beta come out? The longer we have to wait, the more rewards and events we’ll miss out on. We might not be able to purchase Vincent from the Museum because of this login issue. Just please tell me that the new update will be released within a day or two and not in a month.

The new update was released this morning.

I have the same issue so glad to hear that it is being dealt with. No update available for me as yet though