Account Migration


How would account migration work? Let’s say you play in 2 region’s but you want to transfer from one region to the other one, will the region your moving to be overwritten by the other one or will both accounts just merge together and everything will stack, rep, toons, weapons, tokens and gear ECT.

Region mergers make it happen already

Anything is better than nothing whether it’s over written or aggregate of the two regions.


Think of it as copying the same file folder from a usb stick to your computer. It would move all the stuff over that you don’t have and if they were nice about the leaving the duplicates alone then you would get everything from both regions put into one. The account you have is the same. The code doesn’t change otherwise ppl would have multiple Facebook accounts to link when switching to a different device.


@kalishane is scopley working on account migration? If so when can we expect it to happen, and how are they going to work it out?




Last comment was it would take 1 full time software engineer a full year.

Some how data transfer between servers is a 2000 hr job to code. Seems they need better coders.


My 9 year old niece just put Linux on her Chromebook so she could play Minecraft. They could get a few interns and have it done in 3 months.


I hope they start doing this bc I don’t want to be one of those people who just move on and leave everything behind, I worked hard to get everything I have in my region’s and I’d like to be able to move my first region to my second one, at least I can still be able to use everything I’ve earned instead of letting my old region account die


Those “trained” monkeys don’t come cheap and the budget is at its limits with those exotic pancake toppings


Make this happen

I am also game developer

Scopely cut the crap and no more excuses



I also could use this. I got The Blue Clementine
in my Second region, where I just started a few months ago and she’s Number 3 in my Wishlist for my main Region.


How much would ppl be willing to spend if scopley allowed to migrate and merge accounts? More than happy to spend 100-150 here am sure everyone would have a different price .


Nothing, should be free to fix an issue entirely of Scopely’s making.

Certainly wouldn’t be paying 100 - 150 for a migration


If you have an account in both regions it should simply swap them around so your account from the the source region is in the destination and vice-versa. No issues then of trying to merge two accounts together.


I believe the first migration should be free and maybe after that they could charge a little bit of money if the region you migrate to starts to die, and who can we contact to find out if scopley is working on this or not?


Got this from scopley after I asked them about account migration, sounds like they will never do it or there keeping it a secret for now and like I don’t know what happens when you switch region’s


Notice how they said coins can be shared. That tells me that they can do it but they won’t cause they don’t give one solid shot about the players playing in dying/one life support or just completely dead regions.


Account migration would raise some problems - here are just 2 showstoppers:

  1. Would everyone migrate to a new region to have a leg up?
  2. With account merge then folks could farm multiple regions and create a super account with multiple 6* and other “Free items” all in one account. I think that would lead to more complaints.

The main issue for many is exiting a dead region. It seems there are no tools available to make region merging work to an acceptable level, so perhaps solve that issue first. How about freeze the 2 regions to be merged for a few days to allow time for the scripts to run and fix the data? I am sure it’s not a simple problem with so much data on each client.


Why can’t it be just a one time merge for free and then if you choose to migrate somewhere else you gotta pay. All out war does that to its players. Even though that game is horrible

  1. Create a new region that allows players to choose to move to. Some would choose to stay and would more likely have a leg up than those who choose to move to a competitive region since many a hungry for more action over the empty that is a dead region. Doesn’t really matter, these would be less competitive players anyways. They wanna feel good getting a few rewards for little effort let them. Region migration is not for them.

  2. I’d be fine if I had to choose which region would be the master that would overwrite any other I would have. It’s way better than sitting in a dead region. By giving a choice of migration and making these new regions its at the players discretion.