Account merge for multi region players



Thank you Scopely for a great 3 years so far. We have had our ups and downs happiness and complete utter frustration but today is the saddest thing for me I pulled Alice on subscriber token unfortunately for me not in my main account. When will the developers enable us to completely merge our accounts into one? The game is getting very exciting again and this will boost some of us back to epic status


Won’t ever happen


my one and only shield, a magna, is on an alt account of mine, like a level 15 in a region when i got lucky on a pull. But i also dont think its a good idea to allow the merging of accounts, even though it would make my defense better on my main account, it would be way over abused.

still, congrats on the extremely lucky pull!!


Hesaplar birleştirilmeli,


Not happening


Good luck . If you ask me don’t pull on a 2nd account unless your building it up to use it. Otherwise there’s going to be more pulls you wish u had on ur main that ur mini or 2ndary account will have


Won’t happen. You can use your Sc pull on every region. Sorry man. They aren’t allowing thirty daily pulls to then merge accounts.


Those are good pulls you could be getting on your main account and youre wasting them on alts lol


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