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i come here for a friend , we speak French so i come here to be able to help her out with the english language. As the title said , my friend lost his account on the 25september. he was playing the game and doing his SR while waiting in a hospital room and suddently got kicked out of his account then got on a account lvl 2. After her appointement , he tryed to log back in on his original account and her account is now Unlink with Facebook. He asked for support in french and they are unable to help her out. saying that is not his account and he is not the owner. he reply to the usual question ( account code of the real account , account that he is now ,the time her account was created provided, account name , Region and Credit card receip ( he is favor 13 so he got a ton … ) .on the 27 september , someone logged on the account and started playing . So his account got stolen . its been over 3 year he is playing this game and he is starting to lose hope to get back his account . Can the forum admin help my friend out or give us better place for help then the French technical support or help the french support to understand the situation. they seem to dont understand the situation , all his money and all his time is completely wasted ,as a said favor 13 is a lot of time and money spend :frowning: . Sorry for my bad english and if need more explication on the sitation or something you dont understand , just tell me . thank you for your Help

Bonne chance
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Merci beaucoup Joo

voyez votre code de compte avec un reçu d’achat récent au service d’assistance et toutes les informations que vous pouvez collecter sur votre compte devraient pouvoir être récupérées

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J’espere que quelqu’un peux vous aider mais malheuresement je pense que support est le meilleur chance.

I realise that’s no help but hope you feel better about your English after reading my French.