Account lost after resetting device

Hi scopley I lost my account after resetting my device .
I link it with my fb account as I usely do everytime I reset my phone
But instead of leading me to my old account nothing happened ,
And yes I am sure I clicked the right button when the dialogue appears.
Please help me fast .

Fast? Lol. You can be glad if you get it back after war next week. You will not get any help here. You have to contact customer support in-game and sending over your acc code, receipt of a purchase and telling them your issue.

Nvm , I did get back my account and it was my fault. I Was trying with my new fb account.
While I blocked my old account, I just unblocked my old account and logged in

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Glad you got back in

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Thank u , I’m glad too . Lol

Closing at OP’s request.