Account loop glitch

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My lead is locked out of their account, during a transfer of devices they got stuck in some kinda loop where the transfer seems to go thru and then the game reboots.

This is what they see, reboots, this again, reboot, etc. Etc. Etc.

Seems many others are having this issue and the normal things have been done, clear game cache, reinstall the game, etc. Lets not get into how amazing support is. Can we the people who have supported you over the past 4 years get a bone once and awhile? Can we get a response on what is going on? You have players who cant play, i dont know how someone thinks someone losing access to an account is gonna bring in more profits, in fact, im positive it has the opposite effect but ok.

While we are at it, ever think of, oh, i dont know, maybe getting a better system put in place for people to transfer, recover accounts, etc. Its 2019 and we are using facebook and even that doesnt work sometimes as we have the situation we have now. Tip, if any of you have you account linked to facebook and something like this happens, say bye to your account. Just think people should be aware that facebook isnt reliable.

TL;DR why are you here in my thread? Go learn to read!

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