Account impersonation


As you can see some little sad sack of a human being is impersonating me on the forums with an almost similar name, has saved and edited my photo which itself is quite creepy if you think about it and commenting on stuff acting as me

Has been reported but if you see any comments or posts from me , check the name and photo , in case it purposefully offends or attacks someone to try to paint me in a bad light


Either the person or an admin has removed the photo, appreciated.

But still, check the name and account creation date if you see my name commenting on things please


Hope they do an IP check. Ban all future and existing accounts from that address.


Sorry to see this @Twisty.

Thanks for bringing attention to this and hopefully the mods handle this in a timely manor.


Wow. What a sad human being.


That‘s awful, @Twisty. Fingers crossed they‘ll be banned as soon as possible.


Sorry about that, it has been dealt with.

Deleted and IP banned :hammer: