Account Hacked - 15 days talking to support daily and no solution

apologize, but I am not fluent in English and will use the google translator, so some sentences may be strange.

What happens to support? I had my account hacked two weeks ago and so far I can’t resolve it. Every moment they ask me for information that I send and they come back to me with more and more requests. Let’s go to the steps

1 - day 17 = account hacked
2 - same day reported problem for support
3 - I was informed that I was responsible for my account / login / password which I did not pass to anyone
4 - I showed that someone using bluestacks hacked into my account randomly, yes this is possible
5- I sent all my account data
6 - I sent all data from google play
7 - I sent purchase data with Scopely
8 - I sent the ID (several times), written and with mobile phone image
9 - I was asked for data from accounts that were entering through bluestacks I randomly accessed from third parties - submitted and shown to be a bug, regardless of whether the account is linked to google play or facebook
10 - I was asked to “uninstall and reinstall the game on my phone”. I didn’t understand why, but I did
11- with this procedure I lost all talk of more than 10 days of support
12 - Again I informed everything again. I was asked to create in another region from scratch, going through the home screen (the one that explains the game)
13 after doing this, I was asked for the ID (which is the same and does not change in my account regardless of the region I’m playing)
14 - I was asked if the new region I entered (which the support requested) is where my account was invaded (this lv 2), and I said no, is mine with lv 150.
15 - Now they say that I have to leave the other region (which I am not in days, because just stay there for minutes to do the tutorial as I was asked)
16 must have more than they asked, but it is so much that this is a summary

support, all I asked is that since day 17 my account was destroyed and back up, reset, anything before this day, because there were years gathering characters, gold, items, rings and among other things and much was lost and ruined.

What more do I need to do? I feel like they’re kidding me. I am 15 days without being able to play, losing events and evolution in the game and there is no end or a correct resolution for me.

Remembering that I have access to my account, it is on my phone and I enter normally at any time, but it is destroyed. Whoever broke in did it just to destroy it and is not using it at the moment.

And then, will I have a solution?

Did you use Bluestacks for playing the game?

I showed that each time you install bluestacks or other emulator and enter the game, it does not enter a new account but a random account of any player, regardless of level, whether it is linked to google or facebook. In three days I showed that this can happen (as mine did) to anyone. I have my account installed on my phone. I already played with emulator (personal notebook that nobody has access), but this problem affects any player regardless of the care he has with his account

This is a known issue with emulators (“known” if you do your research prior) where they reuse/recycle Android device IDs, unfortunately many game developers don’t implement a login/logout system which would at least help mitigate the issue, instead they load the player’s account automatically based on the Android device ID.

If you played the game through Bluestack or any other emulator, you will not get any help in getting back your account. Customer support will look into the log files and can notice what really has happened. But since you don’t own your account they have no responsibility to give it back to you. No matter how much money you may have invested.

Nonetheless the customer service should be able to set your account back to the date before it has been compromised and even set up a new account code, though don’t expect real help of them. Forum cannot really much help either.

There is nothing forbidding as I checked the links below, but what I’m talking about was hacked this way.
I change my passwords periodically and they are not simple, I do not access emails, accounts or anything that uses password / login on devices other than my personal.
You must have no idea what is losing an account over 4 years old that I used taking all the necessary precautions for a known bug that unfortunately ended up having the misfortune of installing the emulator and my account somewhere in the world on his emulator.

Yes, honestly I have no idea how it feels to lose an account. Been using the internet since the end of the 1990s and have not lost a email, social media account nor any other account. It sure sucks but please remind yourself that this is just a mobile game. Nothing more and nothing less.

Unfortunately there’s not much you can do aside of annoying the customer support in continue. Perhaps the Player Council has some good connections to get in touch with the company to help you somehow. Anyway I wish you much luck.

That sucks. Sending you good wishes on the matter.

I don’t know what bluestacks is… but as far as I know emulators are prohibited for using with TWD.

This how i lost my main account. scopely nuked mine after reporting it and i dont play on emulators

If you do get it back turn on 2FA on facebook

I have both facebook and google two-step security. My google / facebook accounts have never been hacked. I never gave my logins / passwords to anyone. But for a known bug anyone with misconduct can hack into any account using emulators.
What makes me sadder is the knowledge that I am still guilty of a mistake that is not mine.



It’s been over 4 years thrown away, money thrown away, time thrown away and the answer I just got was “you are responsible for everything that happens in your account”.

So if someone uses some illicit means like the emulators bug to steal someone else’s account, is this guilty? Really?

It is sad to know that this is the position of harming who is already harmed.

Emulators are not prohibited. They are also not supported.

So, if you use one and it works, great! But if you use one and it doesn’t work, there is no support.

They wont do much other then push tos in your face over and over with no poof.

Bug been around day game started… And facebook is shit for game saves

:weary::weary::weary: I feel your pain, damn. I still hope some way it can work out for you. Is it your password you cant remember? Try to recover it somehow


I have my account, I have everything. I never lost access to it, but someone started accessing it simultaneously.

For those who did not understand, I was playing normally and the game restarted several times (when someone was breaking into my account). I realized because it began to have modifications in characters and chests began to be opened. As here in my country was late at night, I sent a ticket at the time of the incident. In the morning the bill was already all scrambled, characters, gold, baus, rings … everything. She was still linked to google play and facebook. On google and facebook nobody accessed. Unfortunately I am extremely disappointed. I hope others don’t go through this.

Hay versiones de memu que requieren de una precaucion extrema… si se pueden robar cuentas con los emuladores y hay gente que sabemos como reternerlas para que no la recuperen mas

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