Account hack and all characters sold



One of my facmate (Fav 13 ,a big whale) have his account been hack
the hacker delete all his town and delete all his characters .
he even change his account name to a russian name

my facmate already message the assistance and didnt have any answer .

Can you rollback his account and change his account ID ?
I can provide any information by PM

@JB.Scopely For the sake of baguette ,HELP US

Thanks again ,help us to have faith in Scopely


Tell him to reach out to support. No one here can help and jb is swamped with people tagging him in useless stuff,itll take ages for him to answer, if at all.


Since you on here and not him maybe he rage quit and doesn’t have the heart to tell you guys… Good luck none the less


Already try to reach support ,we dont have much result .so i try on this forum .Guys spend ton of money just to be hack by someone


No , it s just his English is not really good and he doesn’t have a account in the forum


Tell him he is lucky that someone ripped the “quit band-aid” off for him so he wouldn’t have to. Enjoy the freedom!!


Would you enjoy it?


Enjoy my freedom away from the game? Hell yes I would!!


Delete your toons then! :joy:


Hack my account and do it for me. That band-aid is too tough for me to pull myself. :pensive:


He said his facmate was a big whale. Thats an expensive band aid, Id be very angry as well


I know what he said. Still a painful band-aid to pull off yourself. I know a spender who mustered up the strength to do it himself. I get being pissed off about, but I’d still welcome freedom from scopely’s tyrannical rule.


My question would be, how did the hacker get his details & why did they target him’?

IF, & I mean if, hackers got his details because he’d supplied them to buy rip off toons it would be his own fault.

Can’t see why anyone would deliberately hack the account & depot all the toons, suspect there is something else behind this.


because he try to steal his account many times but he manage to recovery each time so i guess the guy just fed up and simply delete all


You provide the shittiest advice.



Same thing my faction mate is dealing with. I tried reaching out on the forums because support wasn’t helping. It’s been 10 days and the only one who responded was Lady Geek. I gave up hope since every post was pulled or deemed inappropriate. Good luck to your friend.


Thanks mate , support is actually taking the case .Hope everything will work for you


I knew a guy that bought from VK and then had his account hacked and stolen over and over again. Doesn’t matter what he did to resolve it, the hacker still was able to gain access. Hope he gets it back but it’s gonna be one rough ride.


I hope to be hacked and I will be detoxed this game.