Account banning for 24 hours and also chat bans


Is there still no news on why people who’s bans are lifted still speak in hashes? @JB.Scopely


As terrible as it is and as fast as it should be resolved, unfortunately Scopely is probably out for the weekend on forums AND in Line app


I’m on a 24 hour chat ban for trying to say booty. It was censored. I said bootay…censored… Boo…went through… Tay…censored…Boo… Tee…banned


I was banned for talking about AGT and that performer Prince Poppycock.


24 hours after my ban lifted and still nothing but #### when i try to talk. This is beyond ridiculous. Support is useless and just keeps telling me to wait until the ban is lifted. They can’t seem to get it through their thick heads that the ban was lifted 24 hours ago and I still can’t talk


I don’t comment here much any more, because I recognize the futility of it, so at the risk of another ban:


Alienating spending players and good people for the most ridiculous censoring is a slap in the face. Refusal to take accountability and give even a shred of explanation is like loving us with sandpaper instead of lube.


I imagine support has a faq and they find the best answer and stick with it. I was in a customer service job where we were not allowed to go off script for any reason and people be infuriated. When their “support” is cluesless about the game and how it works and are only allowed to give scripted answers it only makes things worse but most people eventually give up knowing they won’t receive an actual response. Honestly its about useless to even contact what they call support for 99% of issues had.


How can you filter chat words in under a week but can’t extend the map to have 3 armory’s and more camps and houses like come on now.
It been 3 years I think or maybe 4 and the rest of the map is still closed


Recent image of gc


Looks about like ours before everyone with the ban decided to just give up


This game has become as big of a joke as this company, block this, idgaf, you cause people to comment and act this way, and then try to punish them when its all caused by your ignorance and incompetence. Find another job that better suits you, maybe McDonalds or somewhere like that where at least the customer can throw your screw up back in your face.


Coming soon to a 40 pull near you! A key to remove the chat ban that just came off the 24 hour cool down so you can speak again :joy::joy:


I’d prefer it to just censor out all those offensive four star characters.


So… one of my mates, the one that got banned for saying Rum too many times was on 40+ hours of his 24 hour ban. He changed his name to reflect it, and then…

So there’s actual people looking over some of this stuff and their actions aren’t to try and fix it but to be dickheads to those that rightfully criticize it? And then lie to them about it in the process? What!?!

Also, point of comparison; saying you’ve been banned for too long is a no-no but this is fine apparently.


So is he being trolled by CS :joy::joy::joy:


Yep. He can’t change it for 24 hours. And again: despite his name telling him he isn’t banned he is still banned.


I just changed my name to ######## cause that’s all I can do anyway. Who can hit crits? ######. Can anyone help with SR? #######. Wow hope they know what I said.



GMe dripsnthe F bomb numerous times.
We xan say Steipmall…
We can’t say fuq… ugh

Plenty of other shit. Snowflakes.


Lmfao just learned the word coins is banned but not coin… seriously Scopely? But you better believe “admin” can still say coins.


Thats so stupid