Account banning for 24 hours and also chat bans


Instead of merging topics how about you actually do something about it.




This might actually be a thing now. The new update seems very agressive in trying to re-market the game by adjusting the player base as a last ditch effort before just abandoning it.


This game for ADULTS & we’re being treated like CHILDREN… Get of this ridiculous :ox::poop:


It’s no secret that for you many complaints often come as non issues. For just about everything it’s completely rational to see the better side of things. You’re entitled to your opinions. I almost envy that, enjoying the game so much that the minor issues are so easy to write off. But you seem nothing short of a shill here. It’s not a good look.

I’d love to see how much you care once one of your faction members gets banned for using one of the game’s most basic functions in the most innocent way and can’t war.

Please don’t come here player blaming.There’s a long list of words censored that have no good reason to be flagged. The people you’re defending were told several times about this in Beta. And the update shouldn’t even have gone live in the first place.

“Stop use swear words then.” Give me a break…


It doesnt have to be swear words, and stop acting like youre all holyer than thou you douche, simple words that arent even bad are blocked but yet people in global still talking about skanky puss and everything else under the sun, and asking someone what type of medication they where put on is chat banable, like you know wtf people talk about. Gtfo here dude



Obviously the satirical nature of the post is lost here
I thought it was pretty clear that


Are pretty well documented throughout the forums; therefore landing on most that it’s a ridiculous statement seeing as God knows what qualifies as a swear word to these lunatics at Scopely

Keep on keeping on, i will bare the lashings


Things like that and “we use Line anyway” don’t come off as satirical or sarcastic. Just dickish and out of touch. And getting all technical about how RTS isn’t truly 17+.

I’m sorry. I’m out of line. It probably was just a bad joke. But this response just sounds like you’re trying to back pedal and save your own ass. Knowing you carry some respect and lost it with those comments.


As you can tell they removed my reply lmao.




It went south for that guy real fast


Funny fact is shit is not banned for everyone


Some how got banned for saying

“Ello Govner” which basically means Hi


Excuse my ignorance, but does chat censorship cover all languages, or only English? Comming from a region containing English, Russian and Turkish speaking players, it would be interesting to know.


This is better then getting banned for dark humour after 3 years in one account #JusticeForSteve


I’m not back pedaling on anything. I stand by what i have said and don’t care enough to “explain” or “defend” any of it.

You can perceive my words anyway you want, its your right. Say I’m “dickish” all ya want but we all know of others that truly take that title on these forums.

And quick question for you Mr. @TheSurvivor
I can’t make a joke of how an absurd chat filter or reference a separate chat app and how we use it without you “losing respect for me” but this cat you want to keep around?

Directly insults an entire group of people and you applauded. Is it ok to make fun of, poke at the “whales” but not anyone who isn’t?


Well yeah… when it’s actually a clear joke. People who I can only assume were from the faction he talked about even joined in on the joke. (Nice to leave that out.) I don’t know where that allowed to only joke about whales thing came in, you can joke about whatever you want. When it’s actually a joke.

Dude there’s nothing that indicates you weren’t serious, what did you expect? There’s about 4 other replies to you that didn’t take it any differently. And when you say things like after you were accusing someone of cheating who claims to have been banned for their name for this very same update. Yet everyone knows this company is 100% capable of doing something that stupid. It isn’t really a terrible assumption to think you meant what you said when we see to what lengths you stick your neck out for them.

And for the record, you didn’t lose my respect, I never gave it, just probably a lot of others.


24hrs after being banned for the final word of “Screw Driver” and i still cant say anything in chats. every word and letter is ### Support finally stopped sending “You must wait until ban is lifted” script messages after i sent TWELVE msgs saying i wasnt banned and cant talk and said this

" We told you, the more negative the words you use, the stricter the filter becomes"

Get it?? the more u curse (or in this case say cheese or hello);/…, the more words it blocks at random. like a shock collar for free thinking people that need to get in line…so coming off a ban, EVERYTHING is blocked cause the filter has roid raged and blocks 100% of what you are saying. Way to go guys~! This “piece of tech” is the downfall of this game. i dont care about the money ive invested. it was about the community and having fun. now u have taken that way.


Wait until you find a new person and try to ask them what their line ID is.