Account banning for 24 hours and also chat bans


Whats up with people getting banned for 24 hours, i know of 2 people right now that never say anything bad in game and yet they have a 24 hour ban and cant get back in game period or have a chat ban and cant say anything at all in faction chat or global.
Whats the deal with that?

Profanity filter Blocks EVERY word after 24hour chat ban. Threat of 2nd Ban

Its all good…bc when im banned, as i am now…no spending…and yes im still one of those dummies that still spend money on this game. Seriously, i got a hashtag for “deep” but not for “balls”. Clean it up scopely…DAs


There is a ton of words you get #### for and others that are really bad words and yet they go through


People are getting banned for using words most people wouldn’t even consider to be offensive or swearing. Its ridiculous and way over the top.

So typical that scopely have been spending their time developing a terrible moderation system instead of fixing actual gameplay issues :roll_eyes:


Very correct statement right there


Again if you can’t see what I’ve written, there’s no one to get upset so why the ban/suspension


How are people being banned for swearing or anything when the chats just show ######## all the time?


:clap: Congrats Scopely, you have found another way to kill your player base.


Exactly maybe it upsets the bot, which is the only one that can see it lol


We just talk in line and during wars we all use shortened or abbreviated words anyway


Not sure why refering someone to the forum too much will get you banned.

Sidenote: if you ask support they can provide you a list of phrases that got you in trouble with naturally humourous results


My faction leader, who is one of the nicest guys, sent out a message with miniums for this weekend and this is what happened. It censored “500 and survival road”… this needs fixed. They are messing with the best part of the game.


That’s foooked up


didnt you make another post about this already :thinking::thinking::thinking:


This is not my post. I was responding with a relevant comment to another post.


Now i know a way out of the game, keep getting banned until its a permanent one


This is literally the dumbest shit ive ever seen i just got a chat ban because i said a simple word that isnt even bad. Someone in my faction said his back was hurting and i asked if he had taken his Vicodin. Excuse the hell out of me for asking a friend if he took his medicine. This company is ruining this game, but its perfectly ok for people to talk about taking a s#!+, or d!@× size, and how big someones gapping vag is in global. God forbid you guys get your priorities straight. There are people who say some awful things in this game and yet they continue to say anything they want. I guess this company picks and chooses who to punish when they feel the need


You tell that cry baby girl :wink:


Why is it ok for negan on the road maps in the game to say things like, shit, pussies, god damn but players cant


I am now unbanned but all of my words are censored. It is a bit insane really. @JB.Scopely