Account banned for no apparent reason


So it has been 28 days since my account has been banned. I messaged support to find out what happened telling them that there must have been a mistake. I got a reply seeing that it was getting look into still to this day it is being investigated. If there was nothing found by now my account should have been restored don’t we all agree


No, we don’t all agree. Scopely does a lot of goofy things but they don’t drop the hammer in-game for no reason.


I have seen some people lose their account for no reason, someone jst manages to get ahold of it … ive seen others get banned from doing things they thought was alright but isnt. I dont know anyone who got banned for no reason yet.

hopefully youre the 1st and if you are it gets sorted


You aren’t getting it back.
Sorry man.


No, gg… don’t use vk next time.


No one gets banned for nothing & its never a mistake, they looked into your account & found something that violated TOS terms.


Are you of age?
if you’re under 18, you maybe didnt get your parents permission?


Of course not, how could anyone ever believe Scopely could make a mistake, they are of course the very epitome of perfection and beyond such trivialities as mistakes.


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