Accidental purchase of almost identical offer

@JB.Scopely @LadyGeek I’m hoping someone here might be able to help me. I contacted support but I doubt they read my whole message.

Last night I saw an offer (under “Offers”) for $99.99 for 8250 coins and 26,500 fire tokens. I left the app to check my bank account then came back and accidentally purchased the almost identical offer in the “Coins” section for $99.99 (same price) for 8250 (same amount of coins). I did not see that this one was missing the bonus 26,500 fire tokens. After an hour my fire tokens didn’t show up in my inbox. I then realized my mistake and contacted support (again about an hour after the purchase) explaining the mistake and asking if they could switch it to the offer I had intended to purchase and that was still available.

They said no and that “it will compromise the fairness in the game”. Seriously? How exactly? The very same two offers are still available for the same prices. It’s not like the offer wasn’t there at the time and now I want to retroactively upgrade to a better offer.

Are there some magic words I need to use to make Scopely support actually look into this and see it’s not a “fairness” issue? Has anyone had something similar to this happen?

Thanks for any help.


Hit up the app store not ingame support thats a team of donkeys with keyboards


Bought it on android. Are you talking about Google Play support? I don’t want a refund. I already used the coins for a pull. I just want to “exchange” the offer with the one I’d intended to purchase and that is still available at the same price. I just want the fire tokens.

Get a refund is the only option it will damage the company and you’ll get extra coins


Only way is thru a refund thru google, scopely will def not help you, its also your fault, i get you made a mistake, we all do. Also no ones here, they hit the start war button and dipped for the weekend, not like they are here any other day either tho :man_shrugging: beside LG, shes awesomesauce


Refund is only option scopes wont exchange but the offer might pop up again and you’ll have an extra 99$ to buy it again lol

If you already used the coins for a 40 pull I’m not sure how you expect to get a refund or an exchange. You’ve already spent them. What are they gonna do, just give you another 40 pull for free?


Clearly you also did not read my message, just like scopely support. Of course I’m not asking for the coins. I’m just asking for the tokens. Am I the only person that reads the entire message?

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Everyone gave you the answer to your dilemma. Refund thru Google play!
Maybe you luck out and they refund you the money.
You have 48hours


Apollo that response was not directed at you but thanks for the insult.

Despite Scopely’s horrendous customer support and abhorrent business practices I’m not looking to screw them which is what I believe getting a refund from Google would do (I already spent the coins).

Any reputable business that actually cared about their customer base would do this for them in a heartbeat. It costs them absolutely nothing and gives them some desperately needed good will. Plus if I don’t get the tokens they’ve just lost all of the future income from me as I’m done buying anything.

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Either get the refund or stop asking for help. People have tried to help you, whether you take their help or not is up to you.


I’m sorry am I still asking for help? Or am I having a discussion and following up on people’s comments?

Why the hell are you reading and responding to this? If it bothers you so much go away little troll.

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I’m not a troll, but it seemed to me that you were asking for help but when help was given you didn’t want to take that help.


OK. I was explaining why I did not feel right going that route and was expressing my displeasure with Scopely’s business, not asking for additional answers as I realize there are none. I appreciate everyone’s suggestions.

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My bad then, seemed like you were just dismissing everyone’s help, clearly I was wrong.

Coins or food…,…

No worries. Perhaps I wasn’t clear.

What I’d like to do is buy the offer I actually meant to buy, refund the other through google and then have them take the coins away from me but I don’t know if that’s the way it would go down and my momma didn’t raise me to steal.

So I guess I’ll just chalk it up as a learning experience. :frowning:

Any reputable business does not apply to scopely. They are greedy and don’t give 2 shits unless you are funding their :pancakes:. This should be a simple exchange but they hire morons and don’t intend to help anyone with your issue. I honestly believe they bank on you just buying both… And they probably are right many times


They’ll screw you then