Access Restricted


A buddy of mine has been locked out of his account for around 6 hours, all he gets is a message saying access restricted. The game also demoted him from leader to co leader whilst he hasn’t been online, anyone know what it could be? He is waiting for mail back from scopely but wondered if anyone had an idea what it could be?


Banned for cheating…


I doubt it, when I’ve seen people banned previously the account is entirely nuked and you are left in no doubt that you have been banned


Hmm it sounds like his access has been restricted.

Hope this helps.


Maybe for some weird reason scopely is given you guys a chance to pick a new leader before they knew Kim I don’t know why they would do that but I’ve never heard anyone come on here and talk about restricted access sounds like they’re being investigated regardless the co leader better be expecting to be leader


You’ve gotten right to the heart of the problem. :joy:


I have no idea regarding this account and that is between this person and support >> But, I know we are working on addressing the issue of harassment as well.

Make sure you are following our in-game terms of service at all times and this should never be a problem.


Very subtle, but also very informative. Bravo


Please do not jump to conclusions as I honestly have no idea regarding this situation — and I encourage the player to contact support for clarification. But definitely encourage other players to follow terms or service or they may be banned or suspended going forward.


Understood :wink:


Is lori or aaron the next 6*

Might as well answer i’ll keep asking


Have the 6* toons been leaked yet?

I haven’t seen the legendary version of them yet.


Kalishane is like " you can keep asking but I will never answer" lol


Decent leader for a strong attack team.

Really hope Lori is a healer, desperate for a ranged healer & Erika has so far eluded me.


I hope she keeps neutralize… that way i can run 3 neutralizers and 5 stun guns lol


when is this damn token event starting