Abusement Park Recruiting

Abusement Park is recruiting to fill a few spots.

Must not be a selfish jerk with team first mentality (many say that but for reals this time). Looking for people who want to be not just part of one of the best facs in the game but also have fun. We do voice calls all the time. We play Evil Apples. We play would you rather. We drink. We send noods (the bots get a little carried away at times. I blame Widow)

Oh and yeah. Need to have top notch roster, weapons, teams etc etc. We are here to kick ass but it’s not a training wheels faction. Everyone is expected to row here we do not carry. We expect people who have good teams and can hit any teams out there. Quickly. Don’t really care about leagues anymore but expect people to still show up to events. Faction events especially.

Sounds like it might be for you? Send me a PM or a message on line if you have my ID already.

Abusement Park
Colbert Region


Good luck AP! :muscle::muscle:

Sounds more like the military :joy:


I join groups in games to have fun. Not to have to spend hundreds every month and have to follow a mammoth set of rules and guidelines constantly.
Good luck but maybe it’s time your faction died if you’re that serious over a damn mobile game :’) So pathetic


If its pathetic then theres no point in even responding to this thread. Dont worry about how or why they do things. Theres a reason they are a top faction.


Not sure it sounds like the military, honestly sounds like what most would want. Obviously having top notch everything isn’t for everyone. But don’t we all want faction mates who do their part and aren’t selfish? Who work towards making everyone better not just themself? Real life happens, when that comes up you drop to a lower faction and chill. Ive heard mostly good things about how they treat their players. Wish you guys luck. Finding team players is hard these days :joy::joy:

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Awesome!! Nothing better than noods of middle aged over weight hot pocket eating basement dwelling male virgins! Sign me up! And I’m awesome at that would you rather game. Like would you rather join AP or eat a moldy used tampon fond behind your dryer that hasn’t moved in 10 years? The choice os pretty obvious i think


Il join if noods are op op…if they just op then meh

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At least they honest in their demands.

Lets pay thousands of dollars a month to not have fun…yay?

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Thank you sir

It sounds like he said, hey we have fun here and we go hard. That is militaristic to you guys? LMAO

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Oh wow! Yet another thread started by Bill about Abusement Park… imagine that… hmmmm… must be Saturday. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Last time I posted a recruiting thread was exactly 2 months ago but thanks for trying skippy

You missed the entire point, I said yet ANOTHER thread about AP, doesn’t matter what the subject is regarding, the forum can be sure there will be one… or two… or three… weekly, champ! Nice try though.

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In the last 3 months threads started by me involving AP at all. 3 recruiting threads (last one 2 months ago) and 1 thread saying good games vs Notorious. Just wanted to say thanks for such a great matchup and them coming to visit Colbert. Again thanks for your support skippy. I’m sure you are a well known commodity in your faction and a super duper player!!

Now shoo the adults are talking about adult stuff.

Thanks for those inquiring so far! Still looking to add a couple members to the family.



Surprised there’s no poll in this thread.

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Faction event prizes are generally trash, not sure why the emphasis on those events. I get going hard for a reason but unless it’s mods, meh.


going hard for the sake of going hard. f rewards.

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