Abusement Park Recruiting - We Want You! (Maybe)


Abusement Park (AP) is recruiting.

Who are we?

We are a very competitive but fun loving group of people. We want to be the best we can be always but never lose sight that this is a game after all and the primary goal is to have fun with a group of like minded people. This is no place for anyone who wants to bring drama and a bad attitude regardless of the strength of the player. Sacrificing integrity for power is not an option.

What have we done?

We are the current #1 faction in our region (Colbert) finishing first in every Faction Event since transferring here and have a very strong #2 faction as well (IllumiNightmare) that just moved here to give us good competition in regular wars and events.

We have finished in first place in at least Ten straight CRW matchups and finished as the #2 Faction in the entire game in Faction League seedings qualifying for the highest Faction League Diamond IV (highest division in the game). We have maintained Diamond IV status even finishing this last stretch as the #1 Faction.

What are we looking for?

First and most importantly we are looking for people with a team first mentality. We have very strong players here who are very capable but the most important thing always has to be the faction performance.

Because of the position we are in and the goals that the faction has a high level of activity is very important.

We expect players that have a strong lineup and a good knowledge of the game. We can help and teach the right person with the right attitude but a strong foundation of roster, weapons, and mods is required.

We do have people in the faction that are not ‘big spenders’ and as long as you are very active and have the teams capable of competing that is not an issue.

We expect everyone to row here during faction events and for league points accumulation. That being said we understand that people do have personal lives so things that take you away from the game occasionally are completely understandable but notice obviously is always preferred if possible.

One of the huge advantages to being a with a strong, deep group of players is being able to take that time off here and there. You don’t deserve to have issues finding people to fill a que or worrying that if you are not in the war there is a good chance that you will lose.

If this sounds like something you might be interested send me a PM here on the forums or feel free to message me on Line if you have my contact already with any questions you might have.

-Abusement Park-

Second highest score in the entire game in the CRW that just ended I believe (congrats to my boys and girls in Legacy for having the best) with another faction in our region having the Third best CRW score in the game:

Here is the current stretch of league for Diamon IV rankings (to be fair Notorious got screwed with a 6v6 war instead of 8v8 and very likely would have finished first if they didn’t but it probably would have been very close) :

Diamond 4 War Mishap

Damn! If only I had better toons and weapons!

Good luck guys! Whoever gets to join you guys are super lucky!

And congrats on another CRW win!


congrats on the win. you must have snuck in one last war. last i checked, with 11 minutes to go, Illuminightmare was still in first. Fun to watch y’all battle it out this weekend


I was watching that board too, I was scouting regions and saw how close it was. Knew it would be a close one hahah


I’m interested, how can I get in touch?



Claims to be a fun loving faction with no drama, but the name gives off a negative connotation and implies they like abusing other players for fun. Lol


How many people you recruiting, hit me up… And it seems like you have a thread every week… Hmm like a revolving door faction?


Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time :thinking:

PS. I’m not in AP or ever was


Being a top faction is a double edge sword.
These guys are tops in the leagues board for a reason, hustle. Im sure his advertising isnt lost on his own team, too.

This game is an arms race where only the house wins.


Player attrition seems higher then ever. I havent noticed a single faction that doesnt have a revolving door of players right now. So hard to keep people interested and the games time investment is becoming very extreme. Good luck in your search amusement.


Yeah thats very true…players are leaving the game at a very high rate.


Some people are into that sort of thing. Don’t just us :wink:


This would be a total of two ever. Possibly the game is two weeks old but I think it’s been longer than that.


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ḶƐƓƛƇƳ :raised_hands::raised_hands:, good luck AP on recruiting!


Really can’t go wrong with either fac won’t lie. It’s like picking pizza or a cheeseburger for dinner. I mean we would totally be pizza but just sayin. Love me a good cheeseburger too


Neither is exactly healthy… Lol


Notorious can be the salad


Can it atleast be an authentic Greek salad? Cucumbers, tomotoes, olives, peppers, feta. Cheese.

I hate the type that feels like your out grazing in a field. Lettuce is truly the most useless ingredient.


We are tacos :taco: