Abusement Park Recruiting - Have What It Takes?


Abusement Park (AP) is recruiting.

Who are we?

We are a very competitive but fun loving group of people. We want to be the best we can be always but never lose sight that this is a game after all and the primary goal is to have fun with a group of like minded people. This is no place for anyone who wants to bring drama and a bad attitude regardless of the strength of the player. Sacrificing integrity for power is not an option.

What have we done?

We are the current #1 faction in our region (Colbert) finishing first in every Faction Event since transferring here and have a very strong #2 faction as well (IllumiNightmare) that just moved here to give us good competition in regular wars and events.

We have finished in first place in nine straight CRW matchups and finished as the #2 Faction in the entire game in Faction League seedings qualifying for the highest Faction League Diamond IV. Since transfers every member of the faction has hit all milestones in War which is something that we are very proud of.

What are we looking for?

First and most importantly we are looking for people with a team first mentality. We have very strong players here who are very capable but the most important thing always has to be the faction performance.

Because of the position we are in and the goals that the faction has a high level of activity is very important.

We expect players that have a strong lineup and a good knowledge of the game. We can help and teach the right person with the right attitude but a strong foundation of roster, weapons, and mods is required.

We do have people in the faction that are not ‘big spenders’ and as long as you are very active and have the teams capable of competing that is not an issue.

We expect everyone to row here during faction events and for league points accumulation. That being said we understand that people do have personal lives so things that take you away from the game occasionally are completely understandable but notice obviously is always preferred if possible.

One of the huge advantages to being a with a strong, deep group of players is being able to take that time off here and there. You don’t deserve to have issues finding people to fill a que or worrying that if you are not in the war there is a good chance that you will lose.

If this sounds like something you might be interested send me a PM here on the forums or feel free to message me on Line if you have my contact already with any questions you might have.

-Abusement Park-

The previous CRW:

Previous Wars:


I must say my man, I’m not buying what you’re selling. Literally, I will not, nay! I shall not! Aye! I shan’t not. This presentation needed more slides , like water slides , also can I start my vacation now?


Benefit packages can be discussed. Compensation based on previous experience


Damn nice scores from both first and second. That’s gonna be a good all out war. I wonder what other top factions like notorious and legacy have points wise. Because that’s the highest scores I’ve seen so far



Jesus christ! Fkr is no joke


FKR speed is what makes them the best faction in this game. We faced Abusement Park this CRW and we never came close and we’re a strong faction gj guys. Abusement Park and FKR are on a diffrent level then any other factions.


Best two? What’s being used to judge that?
I’m still wondering how FKR is better then Notorious when they didn’t beat them not 1 single time.
Y’alls hatred of Gov, has y’all blind.


Yet FKR’s speed didn’t help them beat Notorious. I agree, they are very good. abusement Park is amazing as well


Notorious derailed fkr already, but yes they are very strong very fast.


I have very pretty eyes and I am a Pillar of the Community. I’m a so-so attacker and I defend every once in awhile. Oh and I can grab a tower now and then. Do I have what it takes?


Abusement Park would only be improved by me joining.


There is no current way for a non big spender to fit in or keep up with you whales … you should take that part out because it is total bullshit


No need to derail the thread, all factions named in this thread are awesome.

Enough said.

Back to the subject at hand.


I don’t really care what happened in the first CRW (post transfer) everything was still new and i’m sure every faction made huge improvements. I stand by what i said AP and FKR are the two strongest factions in this game.


Good luck recruiting AP.

You guys are no Joke.

and why the hell did we (FKR) get dragged into someone else’s recruiting post…again.


We all have strong players, we all want the best for our region and faction.

Obviously Notorious is legit. I was part of that first hand.

Lets get this MF’er back on track.

AP, good luck gang.


Thanks Wandy. And guys please this is not me coming on here saying all the other facs suck or that we are better than anyone. We are just looking to recruit some good players that’s all. With transfers especially there are so many really good factions right now.

The only thing we can really so is concentrate on the enemy in front of us at the time. All the other talk is just that. Talk.

I can say that I have personally seen FKR members say that Govs fac notorious is the best they had seen including themselves so there is nothing to see here.

If you would like to talk about maybe coming aboard or stop in to say hi thanks appreciate the bump but if you want to cause drama there are tons of other threads for that :wink:


It is more difficult for sure and very true to be on the top of the league boards. But a f2p or light spender can very easily be ina top fac as long as they are smart and active.


How much is the monthly salary? :thinking:
Any benefits your faction provides to make a good working environment? :stuck_out_tongue:


Would be interesting for all top factions/players to join one region and battle each other for one war. Sort of a Champions League tournament.