Absolute defense

I’ve seen a lot of people with absolute defense weapons and I want one for my shield michonne. Which special effect in the armory do I use? Defender 2 or 3?

Defender 3 is what you want

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Get ready for a lot of failures if you aren’t lucky, been at it for a while myself and only have a bonesaw to show for it


I’d rather call it Absolute Bullcrap. When you’re against it, the weapon triggers the effect 80% of the time.

When you try to craft it, it only comes when a rat gives birth to a moon.

When you get it (FINALLY!!!) and use it, it only triggers when all the suns in the universe align so you can get lucky to defend an attack.


lmao! Excellent.

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I have 4 AD weapons only took a commitment to crafting and alot of luck

Here ya go these are handy until ya memorize everything from the many failed attempts. But good luck! Took me a few years to get most of my junk :joy:


Do you get any more defends than running 5 Burts with the nearly full AD team? Just wondering if it’s effective, only have 1 after too many attempts to count.

There are no more defend teams anymore. The 6* meta killed that. I get defends but im sure it was only when RNG was on my side. Scopley has effectively eliminated defence cause no one is going to coin repair to attack people they cant beat. Pay to win. The only thing they really help on is the everyday SR. Im on level 378 and need all the help i can get. Since the critical “fix” even walkers wipeout entire teams with critical weapons in 4 turns. But its still cool to have the AD lol.

still need 1 more for a complete set though