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Another day in Scopley-land were your chances are 0.1% of getting the stats you want, R.I.P. got rid of huge bonus to ap when attacking and the bonus def doesn’t even work i still had the same amount of def as before, how does it work? Cause when a enemy attacked my Aris she still had 3,900 def nothing changed


The weapon triggers the bonus def when she is attacked. It is applied on damage calculation. So it won’t display on stats, but when she is attacked it should say +30% def.

Also for aris weapon, go 35 def, huge bonus when attacking and Absolute defense. Get abaolute defense b4 u work on the others. Keep reseting until u get Absolute defense.


When upgrading a weapon always try for the special stat first before adding or upgrading basic stats.


And thanks ill try that bud, just hope i get it before i run out of parts XD



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Thanks ill post all of my results in the next week.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Two questions!

  1. If I modify her weapon when she’s ascendable, does it transfer over when she’s ascended?
  2. What kind of mods should I apply to her? Health is good but since she dishes out damage/stun, maybe amplify that?


no it does not tranfer upgrade the six star weapon


Mods for aris: defense set

This is the best mod combination for aris imo.

She doesnt need dmg mods, because she gains enough attack for HTL. She just needs to be paired with high priority target. E.g. Revivers, shields, guardians and cmd

A decent f2p team for her would be:
Carl, aris, glenn, zeke/kal, yellow maggie


def set:
def vs greens
stun resist
ap down/ life steal

h atk
h def

imo that would be optimal path for her. shes htl so having her boost quickly has a greater benefit than stats since her buff will only prove more problematic as the battle drags on.


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