Absolute Defense Needs To Change


It’s simply too strong and makes one trait more favorable than another.

#1 - Unlike stun and impair, there’s no real counter to it. Now that active skills are a thing, stun and impair have been significantly weakened while absolute defense hasn’t received any type of nerf.

2 - Absolute defense gets activated on average, per raid, more than any of the other top weapon specials .

#3 - It’s a much stronger version of AP down. If someone has huge ap when attacking on defense and strikes a toon that has AD and AD activates, that toon has essentially lost a whopping 42 AP.

They’re a few more reasons AD needs to change but I’ll just mention the 3 reasons above.

I know people will want AD to stay the way it is because of how they feel about nerfs, but there needs be some competitive balance.

Just a minor suggestion but perhaps AD should just be a % damage reduction. An 80% reduction to damage sounds about right.


Get good and survive. If you can’t beat an absolute defense toon, then work on your roster. With Shiva, they’re a joke.


You pretty much can bypass AD like any other special stat by stunning them in terms of how you go about doing that is when you need to get gud.


It’s not about what you can do to get pass by 1 AD toon but the difficulty in doing so. The “get gud” responses are stupid and highlight how this community doesn’t care about balance.


I get your point about AD but it’s not the worst not gaining AP and having the attack zeroed out is a pain but definitely not nerf worthy


When an ability far outclasses all other abilities, then it is nerf worthy. Why should I build an all blue team over all yellow?


Pretty sure stun counters all


Still more op stun and impair than absdef imo.


Absolute defense doesn’t trigger more than any other specials. They are all 30%


There is a counter. Its called stun. Stun will make absolute defense not trigger. Get a Shiva and max active. Now you will have turn 2 stun that will last for 2 turns. Then get some big boy pants and stop saying something is too overpowered. If something is too overpowered then craft it too. We all have to play with what the game provides.


I find that stun on attack is brutal now a days surprise that thread isn’t made and asking for a Nerf too




nope. Defenses are too weak, raids are too easy.


AD needs no change I mean cmon impair on atk impairs some toon for 3 turns a 3 turn impair well knock anyone out… You can also craft stun use stun or best of all ask for more confounding toins cuz 1 crit of that can disable the shield scopley just need to make more specials for weapons not nerf something which we’ll just affect one trait


Tip: If you stun an Ab def toon it disable Ab Def.

You can do it with Shiva skill

You probably dont have Shiva if you are complaining about this. But whoever get’s shiva lose no attack to AB DEF or Stun when taking damage

Right know the only people who lose attack’s on raid’s and war’s are the ones without shiva’s.

At least in my region i can attack everyone without tower’s.


So in short:

  1. Abs. Def has counters just like Stun/Impair, so his #1 is refuted.
  2. No substantial evidence, as entire point is based on anecdotal evidence that isn’t factoring in the frequency of different special stats to begin with. So his #2 is refuted
  3. #3 is based on the premise that special stats should be balanced all around. Except, OP is only concerned with nerfing Abs. Defense to be on-par with -30 AP, while ignoring Stun/Impair and how they are significantly better than -30 AP too. OP isn’t concerned about real balance, he’s just concerned about what he wants to be nerfed.


Stun/Impair are much more stronger meanwhile Stun is not fair.

You cant use anything if u are stunned meanwhile if u are impaired you can use Auto hits or Active or Command…

To say abs is the strongest Shows that you are not playin this game a long time :see_no_evil:

Just imagine a 5 Abs Team against a 5 stun team.

U will hit for sure times against abs but it doesn’t help if u cant Attack Because ur whole Team is stunned already after the first or Second round. And if u are stunned abs doesn’t works anymore.


Stun stun stun, Say it a million times. Then say it a million more. And the word you will have said two million times is Stun!


No way jose…


Stun, taunt and focus are all counters to abs def. Focus will make your players ignore, taunt will make them attack and as everyone said you can’t use it if your stunned, simple.