Absolute Defense needs a nerf

Absolute defense is the single most OP special stat in the game. It needs a nerf IMO because it can make weaker character last a lot longer, such as Yellow Michonne Human Shield.

Is it ridiculous that my S5+ team struggles to take down a 5* char simply because it has abs defense because it can proc 4 on 5 times. Some people will say you just need to stun, but it’s quite dumb to need this to counter a weaker 5* character. It’s especially frustrating when a 6* Adr Rush that should 1 shot this character does 0 damage! How will it be when they release a 6* Yellow Human Shield with Abs Def weapon…?

Here’s a few fixes that could make it better:
-Reduce proc rate: this is my biggest concern because it always feel like its 50%+ chance which is a lot
-Greatly reduce proc rate when attacked by a higher tier character (ex 6* attacking a 5*)
-Put a damage cap (instead of reducing to 0, reduces by X damage)
-Make it impossible to proc of Adrenaline Rushes

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Even for 2 shields I often use auto-attack at the start till they come down. The 3x speed is nice. This handles a lot of teams.

It may be true for weaker players, but not for top players. There’s no way you can auto-attack through a top faction’s players defense

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Let me hand you the tissues, here you go.
Absolutely do not nerf abs def, that’s the beauty of it, zero damage to a weaker toon that can survive longer, its the nature of the beast, get over it.


It does for some AR. For instance i had a Abs Def block both attacks of Blue Dwight AR

It doesn’t lol. Goes to show how much that guy actually knows about AD.


I’ve read it can block Dwights double attack, because they are two normal attacks.

Personally I’ve never had his AR blocked though

As far as I was aware, unless things have changed, Abs Defence doesn’t stop Adrenaline Rushes - the main issue is that if you give it to a shield like shield 'chonne, it can be very difficult to actually CHARGE those rushes unless the shield rushes themselves, or you have a stun or confuse. It’s why I never used to go for a yellow first round unless absolutely necessary, to get as much rush charge as possible.

Blue Dwight’s rush, like a couple of others, is a multiple attack rush, each attack in the rush is treated as a normal attack so can proc absolute defense, stun on defend etc. It’s one of the downsides of multiple attack rushes.


Dwight’s is two regular attacks, so it isn’t a true andrenaline rush, as well as designed to act like regular attacks.

The beautiful about absolute defence is that it gives weaker players and/or toons a chance to survive, it’s all about strategy so if stunning shield michone is the only way you can beat her that’s what you have to do. Weapon proc is one of the few things that scopely got right.


How can you say it isn’t a true adrenaline rush? that is his adrenaline rush. It may be rare to have an ar that delivers multiple normal attacks but it’s still a genuine rush.

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I think you should learn how to play first… They introduced something called “active skill” give it a try.
Siddiq (F2P via ascension), Shiva, Yumiko active skill just open the shield 2nd turn.
Make 4 attacks with the others and if Michonne is still alive, I just confuse/stun her with active skill.


I do laugh when people come here complaining about weapons. It’s part of the game! Learn how to deal with it or just give up :joy:


His rush can get him stunned or impaired. Don’t think that applies to other toons. So while very power, especially with his weapon, he can be stunned or impaired after using.

such op such wow


What you have to ask yourself is if you had that set up, yellow Michonne and AD weapon, would you feel like you are over powered? Would you not use that weapon on her because you feel you have an unfair advantage over your opponents?

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Yes he can, it’s a risk/reward thing. He can be stunned/impaired/blocked with special stats because his rush is dealing powerful basic attacks (Think there are a few others that do similar, but can’t think of them, maybe misremembering something there) which is the downside but with the double attack means he could deal 350% damage 4 times.

Ad is not overpowered. Sometimes it blocks attacks, sometimes all or most of my attacks get through. That’s RNG. Read the combat guide and learn how to get around it rather than try to nerf something people have spent countless hours, material, work, farming, parts, sometimes money to get.


there is a nerf for it already and it comes in 6* Shiva’s active skill :grinning: