Absolute defence not working?

I went against a team in faction onslaught and they had yelllow andrea with and yellow glenn which they both had a absolute defence weapons they didnt absolute defence at all, i then went against a few more teams and it isnt working for them either. Its either working less or its not working at all

Three words: Working As Intented.


The same with my absolute defence’s yellow Andrea the bonus does not work…

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Yeah i just went against my team mate who has lydia Andrea and yellow glenn who all have absolute def and none of them worked

Did youDisarm them or stun them?

Neither im just attacking them

RNG maybe you got extremely lucky as it is still working for me

Ive tried 10 to 15 teams with absolute defence weapons and none of them are working

My abso has not popped at all today either.
Also had 10 burts in a row from elite tokens today which is statistically
Something very fishy going on but nothing shocks with this shady company.

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Yeah, ive not seen absodef work today, either on my att or opponents def. Also had 6* blue carl die from reflect mod on pete a few times despite having full hp and def weapon/mods etc. Somethings definitely broken.

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Same here its not working for my fac mate

Definitely broken. Didnt work once during Onslaught or Raids. Neither on mine, nor the enemy toons.

Kapoor also rushed while neutralized and did not have any buffs to prevent them from doing so. Just completely over rid it. No one else was alive to even buff them.

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