Absolute def axe

what would be the best option to upgrade this weapon for Koa?

Attack and crit.

Kidding. Probably defense and health.


I would go def and hp on shield toons always.


I like Ap down on Koa, but not with that Axe

i got the 30% def with the first upgrade, wondering if i should chase 30%hp or go for 40% def

I would do 30 hp if I was you imo.

i have the AP down axe on him now (from that roadmap event), just got this from the lvl up and want to have it as an option

thanks for your opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t realize it comes with 25 hp, in that case I would just go defense and leave 25 hp that’s enough.

right on

yeah i would try for 25 hp, 40 def


You can either go Atk or Def depending on what you need the most, 35% Atk with huge ap when attacking,
35% def and 30% hp for shields, or 35% def with huge ap when attacking.

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i like the 40% def for Koa.

You get to rename it “Guarding” which is better then “sturdy”
And % Defense is basically the Holy Grail why not Pump it up.

Would even be good in Zombie Hordes.
Since apparently Full tank is the best VS horde teams lol.

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Thank you all for the input, gonna go for the 40%


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