Absence of scopely during holidays indicates


For me the stark absence of any scopely presence on the forums, amidst increasing disdain for their idea of a good Christmas event, and unsatisfying rewards (primarily that nuggets arent enough for each tournament), is just another loud indication that the company isn’t paying proper attention to its customers, the players.

Most industries that rely on customers money are open for business whenever customers are around. That includes basically every day but thanksgiving, Christmas, and maybe one or two other holidays. Sending your cm on vacation is fine but to show that you care about the players you needed to replace her temporarily with someone that would address our concerns, especially during this extremely disappointing event.

What do you think the absence of scopely during this week indicates?

  • Total disregard for the players
  • Ignorance of how the events would be received
  • Nothing–it’s normal for this time of year
  • I’m quitting so it doesn’t matter

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lol its a ghost town in the dev tracker


Funny thing is, kali said andrea would be on in her absence lmao


It i assume means the game is not profitable anymore and future investing must have been put on hold while the bosses at scopely discuss this games future. Of course their absence is due to total disregard for the players but its probably more to do with the fact lots of people are noticing the game is going to eventually die.


Wow that’s pretty bad didn’t even see that before


They have deleted a few threads.


its not like anything would have changed, so I honestly dont care…

Sidenote: I wish more people got time off during holidays, more to life than work, games etc.


Yea they always make time for that lol


They only care more about the revenue and yearly trips to Disneyland. They could careless about the needs of the player base. Lol


Dont forget pancakes :wink:



Yeah… I have other games that have awesome giveaways, rewards, currency, valuable stuff, etc… Makes me a little jealous.


12 days ir gifts in ffbe XD


I think this game is on it’s death bed. I’ve been playing South Park Phone Destroyer during the holidays they have given away so many cool freebies for Christmas makes me want to come back and play their game. This game just feels tired and old now.


Yeah awesome😀


Yeah, I also play that game. They gave a free 10+1 pull on that during their 12 Days.


They censored me hohoho


In my other games I’ve gotten free stuff everyday for Christmas & still getting free stuff until the New Year. Like in Mobius Final Fantasy we can pull new jobs or “toons” in that game. In No Man’s Land we got stuff for Christmas & after EVERY NEW UPDATE they give all player’s stuff in that game.


Is this MY master-beta??? :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


She is, deleting threads