ABS on Yellow Shiva Claws

Hey guys! Trying to get absolute defence on my yellow shiva’s claws. Wondering if anyone has successfully managed this? (Dont want to waste crafting materials)

It should be possible if the claws are considered Yellow weapons,

But why have ABS on an attacking character :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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she has one of the most stand out attacking specials in the game, definitely keep the bleed for attack teams it is really useful.


Yes if you are removing bleed on this Shiva for attack then you may as well just use a different character. The bleed on her weapon is outstanind when paired with Michelle.

Don’t put abs def on yellow shiva. Keep the bleed and reap the rewards from lacerator!!

I do Michelle lead, Charlie, Shiva, Harper and either Leon or Sandy decap depending on opponent lead…so much bleed and damage!

Ive seen shiva with abs def it sucks, her stock weapon is better.

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Not to steal the thread but it’s kinda related. How do u guys feel about 8% on Michelle?

What did you Weebsters do to our Shiva :scream: :imp:

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I have 8% on a Michelle and Kate and means any 35% actives turn 2 get a turn 3 rush (76 AP) if they get lead AP bonus and have it on their weapon too, great for Piper

This is the best set up of shiva, no debate
Huge attack, defense, bleed

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I agree. 400 bleed for 3 turns doesn’t seem like that much, but with lacerate if can get doubled each subsequent turn, and bleed stacks so you can hit for another 400 the next turn…

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I ended up with the same, although I kept the attack and got it pushed up to 40%. Bit of a glass cannon, however.

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Having attack on bleed shiva isn’t right, i would reset it and go for hp.

Says the person who tried for Ap on Michelle for the longest time…

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Even just one try to change shiva’s special is a waste of materials. It’s one of the few really well designed weapons for the character skill out there. Just add huge AP and atk since she is a good attack toon. Leave the bleed, it’s amazing.

I would highly debate this. I see Shiva as a offence character so to put defense on an offensive character doesn’t make sense to me.


Theres no need for attack on her when her bleed can already stack up to 8k

You dont live the path of the auto raider

Thanks for your responses everyone! I appreciate the help and advice!

I forgot ScopeCheat changed shivas original claws… She was so much better :man_facepalming:t4:

Went this way on shiva… way see it she better on attack so stuck with that whikst bleed stacks still want her doing damage more than anything