Abs def, bug or feature?

I’ve been frustrate by abs def for a while so I’ve done a bit so scientific study. I counted number of times abs def yielded 0, first when I hit an opponent with abs def, and then when opponent hit one of my toons with abs def.

The resulting average of 100 hits each surprised me;

  • Oppenent 0atk success; 82%
  • My def 0 taken success; 23%

Is there some other attribute I’m not aware of that affects abs def success rate?

Or is this a way to skew the odds in favor of the dumber AI?


Typical game favoring A.I as usual. A.I chances to activate anything are far better than yours. Despite my LE Rick having a “better” chance to regain HP when killing enemies, he almost always never does. Yet I faced someone who’s Mirabelle with Dwight’s Recovery Pistol regained her HP three times in a row. One-shot my dying toons and just regained HP like it was all good.


noticed the same…
bump for unfair practices, we were supposed to have equal chances as the opponent. and you nerfed rng for our disadvantage wanting the player to lose more battles and use more war cans…

Are you guys religious against stun? Don’t own a shiva? Don’t have confuse active skill characters? I get that AD is a pain at times but geez its not that deep.

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My Shiva is a few levels down from being able to ascend and I spent all my Bennies on Vincent.

No regrets though. Took a Abe/Zeke/Barker team with him.

I done the same study with confuse and it yields similar results.

Counted number of times a confused opponent attacked a team mate.


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