About x3 in war

Who thinks smart tower teams for first grab are essentially done? Mira lead all ranged high atk low ap weps spam x3 speed and drag race in 45 secs flat seems less exciting than before?

Or am I just insane?


I used to get the tower 100% of the time for my fac… now i havent got it a single time this weekend xD

I kind of like it though, faster towers + faster war countdown makes for a lot more enjoyable wars


45s ? You’re lucky. I’ve seen towers conquered in less than 35s. This is cancer

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Exactly. Basically 28sec -/+. Got 100% Success rate with x3. Better said im still keeping my 100%, 4 War Weekends in.

Its great… my all red lopez lead crit team wins towers more than i ever have… love it… change nothing.


Since everyone has the 3x I don’t see the problem. I like how quick it goes. Let’s me get a tower quick and right into battle. I use Kelly it’s all about the crit bonus.


Yeah I’m using Kelly and 4 trainers, have gotten towers most of the time.


But if everyone figures this out there goes the advantage. :wink:

Doing the same here. It’s cake to grab the tower. Also made sure not to get her ar up when maxing her out. This way she only pops off once a tower assault.

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Me too… Kelly and 5 bennys… and I couldn’t ever get a tower before… not to save my life… I love it…

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Oh yeah, I think I got a tower once last war :confounded:

Don’t care about towers. It’s fine.

But combat is silly. Basically those who can auto after a turn or two can move even faster through the battle.

Clear in 4-5 minutes. Yay?!?!?

You might not know this but the USA has some of the worst speeds. If what you are saying would be true I’d and many others would be happy.



I’m taking full advantage of it but do feel it’s a further separator. Feel bad when an opponent can’t get more than a hit in. I imagine it’s even less fun for them which will just drive lesser players away, and since all regions are left to rot, doesn’t bode well for any of us.

How is Australia on top of that list. I’ve travelled all around it and take my word it’s hyper bad.


I think my fastest was 25 seconds

How ? Can’t seem to go below 35

I’m going to say 25 seconds is not possible. I can hit 30-31 seconds from start of wave 1 to “VICTORY” at end of wave 3, I cannot possibly see how it can be done faster. Here’s a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgKM1p54HEk

i hit a tower and checked post team placement to 38 seconds…assuming 5/6 lost for start and placement about 31/32 seems reasonable

I used auto before the 3x and won the tower 90% of the time and still am with auto now. Don’t see the problem.

Lol, you must be joking with that setup. xD