About to give up on this game

First theres the unobtainable challenges, you know the ones you either have to spend an asston of money complete or even play.
Then there’s the fact that I finished the world map months ago and still nothing new.
And the prestege… I mean really I get a new character but can’t upgrade until the next prestige level which is SEVERAL MONTHS later. Hell by the time I get to upgrade it’ll be my lowest starred character and I’ll never use it.
Roadmap levels (if you can even play them) take about 5 mins to complete for most but then don’t reset for anywhere from 12 hrs to 3 days!
And now the ■■■■■■■ raids. Why the hell am I only seeing players I have no chance in beating…ZERO! By the time i find someone I at least have a chance with I’ve spent easily 50k - 100k in food. And I keep seeing the same damn players over and over and over. All of this needs to be fixed, I’ve talked to several players like myself that are going everso bored due to the lack of new content and all of the above.


Been playing for a few years it takes about year for a new area some times longer and you can usually beat it in a few hours.

Yes, indeed

A lot of us have jobs so roadmaps not resetting for a long time isn’t really a thing.

Michonne was probably awesome when she was added as the reward but I agree is obsolete now, and it sounds like your attack team has a lower than grade than the best combo of toons you have. Or you’ve levelled without waiting for a good team to focus on.

A lot of ppl are complaining that the game is way too much of a grind already so I can’t work out if you’re trolling or if you just do absolutely nothing other than play this game all day. :woman_shrugging:

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