About the Shovels for Museum Collection



I need help desperately ;-;
I was doing my raid battles to get my last 800 shovels and when I finished I got 120 shovels. I went to the museum to check as always and the number was the same as before the last raid. And then I remembered that the last shovels looked different from the regular ones. Then I went to check my weapon list and I saw I had 120 2☆ Weapon shovels. I don’t know if it’s a bug or a troll but Scopely said he had until 24th to get the items for the collection and the collection ended in October 25th.
I was so close of getting my Glenn and after all my effort it’s really frustrating.


My inventory filled up with those shovels tonight. I hit my 1000 weapon limit and thought it was strange to have so many 2* shovels. I think I disasembled over 150 of them. Nice new bug from scopely


I read the message from Scopely and it clearly said we had until 24th for farming shovels. Now I’m afraid I won’t be able to get the last 800 because I don’t have money rn ;-;


beware there is a bug they give you the 2* shovel gun instead of the collection shovel


That’s exactly what happened to me. We’re supposed to have 1 more day to collect the collection items. Do Scopely plan to fix this?


I understand you are concerned about shovels in raids. Let me assure you a dedicated team is looking at this situation. At this time, I can give you no time estimate when this will be resolved. I cannot discuss if you are the only one having this problem, other users may or may not be experiencing the issue.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

Keep surviving.


This event doesn’t even end on Halloween. They couldn’t wait until the current museum collection was over? They need more accountability. It’s pathetic.


Yes, what if Scopely doesn’t fix this and I can’t get my last 800 shovels?. I was pretty close and I’ve used tons of raid stamina recovery for this. The least Scopely can do is give 1000 shovels to every player because it seems other players are experiencing this bug as well.


I know. We still had 2 days left for the collection :frowning:


You know they won’t do a thing other than say sorry, and provide no compensation. At some point you’d think someone, anyone, at Scopely would take any responsibility for continued errors. But they won’t.


I know it’s not your fault, but a sorry is not enough compensation for all the time and resources I spent on this event (and my chance to get my favorite Glenn for free) :frowning:


you are right, i checked my inventory and its full of shovels. Another quality feature added, i`m happy


Completely agree. Maybe don’t start the new event until the current one expires so you don’t screw things up? Or pay any attention at all to what you are doing?

Wayland, tell Scopely what you think:


Looks like it is fixed now, shovels are adding to the museum total again. Try a few raids… I only got 1 raid out of 6 to drop shovels though, 4 were cauldrons, 1 was a weapon token.


Is it? I don’t have raid stamina rn but I’ll try it when it fills. I really hope it is fixed. (Also I have classes in 7 hours and it’s 00:00 where I am and I won’t sleep at all until I get my last 800 shovels because, you know, Scopely is Scopely and you’ll never know when they will screw up again lol)
Anyway, thank you for taking your time to reply. Posting my issue in the forum really helped me to keep calm.


Hmm that’s why I had so many 2* shovels to disassemble. What gives @JB.Scopely?


Sone instances of raids were temporarily granting 2* Weapon Shovels instead of the Collectible item for some players.

It has now been adjusted back to normal. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Thanks for the info.

But seriously … how is that even possible ???
A 2* weapon and a collectible item is absolutely not the same object category :disappointed:


It’s the same error that was made in WendyGate. When the loot wheel had cauldrons added, they probably reset it back to normal, then realized they needed to add Shovels too and picked the wrong one. Too bad they didn’t add Erika or Magna by mistake.


Adjusted? How about reimbursement for those lost shovels?? @JB.Scopely @hedge @Shawn.Scopely