About the new stat boost

At least give a stat boost to the characters before Camila to make it equal.


You mean game balance instead of a reset with 7*? No no no no no haha that is not the scopely way :money_mouth_face:


OR, better yet, just change Camilla. This is the exact same mistake that scopely made with 5 stars. When you make a character OBJECTIVELY better than what came before it, you render those older toons obsolete. It’s extremely hostile towards the player base because it forces players to rebuild their roster from the ground up, and those who can’t pay copious amounts of cash to do so are squashed by the new meta.


Just looking at the new leaks, they have boosted stat. They can maybe change Camila too

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That is exactly what scopely wants tho, new base stats seem to be over 2k now, wont be surprised to see 3k soon, rushes are getting stupid like hollys and they are getting faster and faster, turn 1 teams soon. This is done so people will spend, if a new toon comes out that is equal to or less than a toon i have already, no need to buy but if it is stupid op and makes toons like erika, lydia, etc outdated then i need to buy to stay ahead. This wont change with scopely, it is very clear, keep giving them all your money or fall behind and when you get ahead, give more money next week or you fall behind, rinse and repeat


You know they’re boosting the stats of newer legacies now

Thats good but not holding my breath cause they might still suck lol

That’s technically how most games operate. If there’s nothing better, what’s the reason for progressing or continue playing?

Of course there’s better ways to do it without forcing players to spend, but that is the model they’ve chosen to run the game. Objectively speaking, it still works for them because they’re making money as a business.

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Exactly, if they don’t make stronger toons, what reason to the spenders have to spend any more?

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Not just spenders. What reason do F2P have to play if they can’t earn better characters for their team to change?


It would be nice, bc she’s a beast. But balance is something they care nothing about!!! That’s been proven time and time again with the endless disgustingly OP p2p toons while the f2p toons are obsolete before they’re ever released.

If you want a game that is concerned about balance, this sure isn’t the game for you :rofl::rofl:

This is Scopely’s version of balance.


Garbage decision but it doesn’t really surprise any veteran. They loaded up with shields and revives that this was the only possible outcome besides introducing 7 stars. I can’t believe I still spend money on this game.

You know, even if Scopely fixed this and nerfed her the fact that a lot of people already spent for her means that it’d just be Michonne-Gate 2: False Advertising Boogaloo

You done painted yourself into a corner Scopes. Better bite the bullet now cause there’s no easy way out.

Bet money scopley will say something like “due to community feedback” or some lame excuse to justice the stat increase …kinda like when they buffed 6*s and said everyone wanted it.


They aren’t going to nerf her. This is the new trend according to the Vk leaks.

I honestly had hoped they would make Santa negan the huge ap lead for all melee. It’s a toon a lot have been able to obtain but not everyone. Same as Andrea, surprisingly there are people without her. Would of been a great move for holidays and player base.
Yes they will continue to make better toons but they are getting back to out of hand. Her ar is all over the place. Like they just picked out of a hat and that was her rush.
There’s a way to make a gradual meta change…they actually did an OK Job of that up until I’d say Mckenzie then it was like each toon out did the next times 10 then release toons that are able to take on all the revives. Now it’s gonna get ridiculous welcome to what I call the new "Priya Era " where scopley won’t be able to out themselves and players quit in droves. Last AOW already sent first big drove out recently

Not going to lie I have never said I was about to quit but this may be the end

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Nah don’t quit, 2019 is gonna be the year ftp will get multi color decapitates, disarms and some nice shields. …oh wait forgot its scopley we are talking about, yea ur better off quiting.

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maybe I’d vk shows us how to hack

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