About the new display


Anyone else finding the new display a quality-of-life downgrade? I’ve been hitting the missions thinking it was roadmaps all day :frowning: Also, now we have to press an additional button to start farming/raiding.


Lol. Quality of life. It’s minor. Personally I don’t want to see 10 icons at once on my screen.


I don’t like it either.


Yeah its a minor complain haha, but these additional buttons add up. I was mildly annoyed when they added the salvage token screen months ago, forcing us to press an additional button. Its just making it more difficult to farm on the go


Many complained about there being too many buttons getting in the way, so they did this. I take it as they actually listened to a problem (extremely minor and of low importance, however) and figured out a solution. Now our screens look a little tidier! +1 for scopes here


I play on Ipad and its made life a lot easier. It might be a bigger screen but the game isn’t optimised for it so until yesterday that screen was a smashed jumble of icons that was crying out to be tidied.


I like it.

A little annoyed every time I accidentally try to recover my toons in survival road instead of editing the team, but suspect good ole Scopes knew what they were doing there, but other than that


guess im just one of the oddballs that disliked this new HUD haha, glad most of the community benefited from this


Scopely tried to make players happy by decreasing the number of icons so it would be less of an annoyiance. Ended up being more of an issue to us all…




I like it , Im used to it already less buttons pretty decent effort , you can’t please em all i say


get a bigger phone Lol.


I’m not a fan of it at all. Like it alot better the old way… But I will adjust eventually… It would be nice if we could choose which Hud we wanted in settings.


I’ve hit that mission button by mistake a couple of times myself :joy:
It just takes time…at least the screen isn’t so cluttered anymore!


Honestly? I’m more concerned about the image for the versus button. Does it look to anyone else like Negan is going in for the kiss?

I mean, I don’t mind if that’s happening for it’s own sake. It just seems wrong for the characters. Was there some love/hate narrative between them that I missed?


It’s kinda hard to unsee Negan trying to get fresh with Rick, tho


Well at least they have more room now on the left to put more offers!


I agree…I did not ask for that button to be moved.


Still waiting for negan to make out with Rick.


Rick just looks like he is grimacing and trying real hard to decide whether he wants the kiss or not.