About the arsenal

Friends. Tell me where to get a lot of metal cutter. This is a component for a component, for another component to get a good weapon. if you’re lucky.
to catch a robbery for priya you need a ton of components. and they are nowhere to be found.

Pray to Kenny should obviously fix your issues imo

Did you speak of these? Click on the item and it will show you where to farm the item. :wink:image

yes this is it. But so little is given. I need a lot.

SR gives some. Use gatherer Glenn as a lead when farming. And the workshop map that runs on Tuesday normally drops these as well. Plus, it often helps if you switch up ranged vs melee weapons once in a while. I’m guessing you have plenty of crude bronze - people who craft a lot of melee weapons run out of crude bronze and people who craft a lot of ranged run out of these cutters.

I have already spent everything) The farm does not give me what I need and in the amount I need it. The chance of a cutter is very small and spending 20 world for 1 cutter is not profitable.
I have been in the game for 4 years and I know what to do. but there are still very few cutters. my tokens are idle. I can’t give $ 10 for a weapon. I want to do it myself.

There is no other way aside of farming the needed items. Although you could write a kind email to Skopelie, and ask for a sweet metal cutter offer which might satisfy your need of metal cutters.

That deal is called Survivors Club and you can craft all weapons without crafting items (except those buffing the crit chance and blowtorches, of courses). But if he can’t give $10 for a weapon, I guess he won’t part with $25 for a month’s worth of failed (as in not obtaining the desired skill) crafts either…

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