About the 5* Token Wheel Update

When is this likely to be implemented. It was established about 2 weeks or more so ago that there would be a refresh once an update was available to which it was implied towards the end of the month and now we are on the 9th of the next month.

Can we have more clarification of this as im notoriously bad at holding tokens etc and am desperate for new toons even just for level up events and am currently at a stand still with the tease of information

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Where do you read that there will be an update ?

AgrajagGame Designer20d
There should be some outside of the usual 5 stars in there too alongside those 4 stars!

Other pool updates for wheels and features like Ascension are in the pipeline. Don’t know hard dates, but should be around the next release.
Across all features I think there’s about…
40-50 5 stars
40-50 4 stars
20ish 3 stars

Included in that should be all the Fighters that disappeared from general availability that are required for basic collections

When we’re clear to push that update I’ll be sure to let you guys know and provide a list like we did for the initial Ascension Pools.

So if i want Carl and shiva i must pull now or wait for the update…cause if new are added ,then there will be less chances for those two… i think

Im waiting to pull till the wheel is updated and i see who is added. I have Carl and have pulled about 10-15 times with no lick of Shiva or shield choone so i have been saving. I wonder if any ascendables will be added. Any updates @kalishane

I hope ascendables are added and the majority of the non ascendable toons on the wheel now are removed. Most people probably have dupes of all or most non ascendables from the wheel by now. I have 7 pulls saved so far, hopefully this update comes soon cause I have little patience and suck at saving.

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