About Priya/red velvet cakes

Game is full of bugs and doesn’t look like you actually care.Test things before release this isn’t the players job to do it for you.

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Which bug? Lol. I don’t think they come here to find out about bugs, but in any case, some details might help because other players may have already gotten a solution to whatever it is you’re encountering

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He just came to complain about a topic that was put to rest at the beginning of the week. There is no bug here only old salt.

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I thought that too, but you never know

It’s not actually a bug. They made Priya 6 star a collection and, if you had her maxed, it worked. People complained it was unfair if you had the S-Class version so another set of (working) collections were added for the S-Class…

Stupid, unfair, short sighted yes. But not a bug


I don’t have S Class Priya (only 5* right now) but I feel like anyone that has lived the grind to max her can have those S Class items. All that gear!!!

Dunno. I took about 10 minutes to max S-Class Pete. It’s kinda easy to build up a supply of gear when your roster is full of turds that aren’t worth spending gear on

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Pete was easy for me too but he already lands as S Class. Priya is 2X 5 star then you have to start all over with the S Class version. If you don’t have coins to refresh the league store it is a waiting game

True. But at the same time, most aren’t finding 10k ice creams in one hit. I’ve got one 6* Priya maxed, one new 5* prepped for tomorrow’s LU and about 1,800 more cones to go

Yeah, true. 2 of my faction mates did though because of Onslaught rewards. Maybe I’m just feeling their pain lol

Not true Bug is in the title dumbass.The red velvet cakes don’t work.
BUGGGGG anyway sick of this shit company.

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