About Notorious


Well, I was in the midst of airing out my complaints here, about how I was kicked from Notorious today after being with them the whole season. That the amount of raid cans I had was accepted by leadership for this last push to win, that I tried to leave and was convinced to stay only to burn all my cans and then get the boot.

Then, I got a message saying that someone from Notorious sees me in here and I was told not to make a forum post.

I created this account just this hour and yet somehow someone in Notorious has found me here before I’ve even made my first post. Maybe I’ll post my original monologue after I have gotten over the creepiness of what has just transpired.


Keep on surviving


Well post your monologue here. The forums always enjoy a good popcorn post.


This is why I never want to be a member of a top faction.
To much drama, and lots of work that can be for nothing.


Being in a top faction can be less work, depending on the faction. This was kind of a special occasion for these guys where they wanted to come out on top overall but in the day to day you don’t have to worry about carrying people which is way less stressful. Again though, it depends on the faction but drama free top factions do exist



I’m genuinely curious.

How will this be picture of grievance be painted.

Wanderer said…

Wanderer did…

Wanderer xyz…

Im waiting in anticipation!


Almost like FBI then…
Stalks and listens to your every movement.
I would just do it tho…
What could they do about it?


Cool cool cool, great post or whatever, but I just found a heckin vampire in RDR2 :japanese_ogre:


Dem ninjas be Illuminati.








Come to fight club, air your grievances there.


Ayyy no spoilers I just started today and I just robbed a train


Take care Natalie. Sucks I know…





That cat is fat. Shouldn’t have more popcorn.


Perhaps that’s a “diet” popcorn