About Me! (tarapedia tarapedia custom)


As you guys may know, my name is Tarapedia. I am only 16 years old and I am currently in JROTC and I love it. In my second variation, I am in the Blues uniform from the USMC. My goal is to become a 2nd LT and an officer within my battalion. I have not only become a more motivated person in general, but I have demonstrated leadership towards my peers. I want to join the Air Force after attending a 4-year college where I will study engineering. So yeah, pretty much it :), now to create more customs for the community to enjoy!


Loving these customs!! Keep up the good work! Hopefully you’re able to achieve your goals.


Hey Chris!!! I really missed you, I am back in greene now haha! Thanks dude, wanna talk on LINE?


Tara! I want one. Lashay’s was awesome, too. :wink:


If I would’t know it was a program, I would say she used Sims 4



Yeah but still takes like 2+ hours from there lol


I get what you mean. Costumizing stuff takes a while, especially when you add detail and love to it. That’s why you do what you do so well!


My mom actually consented to me making this account so… she can see like everything I do and I have to ask her before I make these sort of accounts.


I’d let them make money off these, honestly them being in the game would satisfy me enough lmao :slight_smile:


Yes! It really helps me make these, from there though I take backgrounds off which takes about 10 minutes then work with that!


I see. :slight_smile:


I still want money, not gonna sugar coat it lmao! Not my top priority though


Hope you make the best out of your career my friend. :slight_smile:


don’t wanna be disrespectful because I like your stuff, but…

“69” *cough (someone had to mention it)


? Uh what?


Above the card it says team 69+ got a jolly laugh out of that.


How did u get this “Tarapedia Customs” unde ur name?


As max said, from an admin :slight_smile: